Beautiful T-Girls and Beautiful Art

The MN T-Girls spent yesterday admiring beautiful works of art as well as each other’s fabulous style at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, one of the city’s amazing art museums.  An art museum was one of the first places I went en femme (during the day, anyway) and even still I find it is one of the most wonderful things to do when dressed to the nines.


The day started with an amazing makeover from Corrie Dubay who was in town from Las Vegas.  Corrie had recently relocated her fantastic makeover service to Nevada and is in town for a few weeks.  She is taking appointments in case you are looking for either a makeover or a makeup lesson.

After my makeover, the group met up and we spent the next two hours enjoying sculptures, paintings, and the sounds of our heels clicking on the floor of the museum.  Speaking of heels, here’s a piece done entirely out of shoes.





It was a fun way to spend the day and I look forward to our next adventure!

Love, Hannah





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