Transliving my Best Life!


I am thrilled beyond words to be featured in and on the cover of the upcoming issue of Transliving magazine!  Transliving is a UK published magazine that is available in both print and PDF formats.  The upcoming issue will print an excerpt from my upcoming (but still without a publisher) book, In-Between.

From their website:

Transliving International is the magazine that amplifies the voice of all Gender Diverse and Trans people. It doesn’t matter whether you think of yourself as MtF, FtM, Non-Binary (NB), Gender Fluid, TS, TG or TV or CD, or something else, or simply “me”. Transliving is published for and welcomes everyone on the transgender (Trans) spectrum.

Each quarter, Transliving magazine delivers you 100 full-colour pages featuring interviews and high-quality photo shoots. You’ll also find plenty of articles to keep you up-to-date on issues affecting the gender diverse and trans community with hard-hitting comment and opinion. Along with features covering real-life stories, event reports & listings, readers’ contacts, fashion, make-up & beauty features, partners’ & family features. Information, support & advice and so much more…

You can pre-order issue 66 here!

Love, Hannah



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