New En Femme Blog!

There was a lot of comments and emails after I posted “Meeting your Heroes” not long ago.  Support, or lack of it, from our family was still on my mind as I wrote this article for En Femme.  The holidays can be a tense time for everyone, especially when they know about this side of us.  This thinking helped inspire this article and I hope you like it.


The latest article with blogger, trans-activist and fashionista, Hannah McKnight is now available on our Learning Center! Hannah’s blog discusses more in-depth her journey as a self-described T-girl.
In previous articles for the Learning Center, Hannah has discussed the potential positive and negative consequences of coming out to one’s significant other. In her latest article – “Surviving the Holidays” – Hannah talks about coming out to one’s family members and shares her advice for getting through stressful family gatherings during the holiday season. Read it here>>

As Hannah says, keep your “chin up and heels high!”

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “New En Femme Blog!

  1. “…Not that I wasn’t welcome, I just felt out of place….”

    To be of both worlds and yet of neither. If that is the case, then I think I understand.

    To not fit in – or to feel as if you do not – that’s the sting. We’re social creatures at heart and rejection – outright or disinterest – can hurt.

    After the holidays, when the craziness of the festivities has ebbed, do you think you could talk to your siblings and ask what would it take to go out together as you wish?

    If, for whatever reason, that’s not possible, you may have to find those who will meet you as Hannah and share that moment instead.


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