LGBTQ+ Resources in California

If you know of a social/support group, a transformation service, or an organization in your state that would be of interest to our community, please drop me a line with that information and links and I will be happy to post it!

Project Unity at Crossdresser Heaven is also an amazing resource!


River City Gems

From their website:

Our primary goal is to create opportunities for transgender women to get together and socialize in a personally affirming, safe, and supportive environment. We also strive to raise awareness and understanding of the transgender community through our online presence and our positive interactions with the public at our events. We’re all about changing lives and changing perceptions.

We’re a warm, caring, and fun-loving group of girlfriends who happen to be transgender! We range in age from our twenties through our eighties and come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. We may be married or single, and may describe ourselves as gay, straight, or bisexual. What we have in common is a desire to celebrate who we are and to support each other.

Our group is open to anyone who identifies as transgender, including crossdressers, transsexual women, and those who are questioning or exploring their gender identity. We also invite partners, family members, friends, and allies to join us. Our spirit of inclusiveness creates a welcoming space where all of our members can enjoy themselves, and most importantly, be themselves.


Carla’s Social Club

For over 35 Years Carla’s – The Social Club has created a safe space to celebrate the Gender Spectrum, in both body and spirit, for the Transgender, cross-dressing, and Gender non-conforming communities. We are the only Transgender owned and operated boutique, makeup studio and social club on the west coast.

The Social Club is a Discreet, Safe and Private Space where you can spend the day en femme, make friends, become a Member or even rent a locker. The Social Club is a member-focused establishment, We do offer day passes and storage, as well as multi-day and monthly memberships to the club.


The Crossdress Boutique

The Crossdress Boutique is a brand new shop for transgender people, we launched in mid 2015, our one mission is to supply modern tgirls with great quality products including the latest wig styles, clothing, apparel, gaffs, lingerie, breast forms, corsets, shoes, boots, hosiery, cosmetics, books and essential feminization videos. Our shop is geared firmly at the crossdressing community and we currently have 3 amazing tgirls in our online team, a very small but friendly bunch of people, always willing to help and support our transgender community through this our brand new online venture to give you a fresh one stop shopping experience.


CHIC stands for Crossdressers Heterosexual Intersocial Club. CHIC has been around since 1975 and will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in soon. They are a small group of primarily married heterosexual crossdressers who gather monthly in Long Beach California to socialize.

Los Angeles TG Meetup

From their website:

This group was originally born in Billings, Montana (see below); but since I have now moved back to Los Angeles, we are now back at home ready to conquer (well maybe blend seamlessly into) the world. The Golden Globes 2015 Transparent series awards followed by Caitlyn Jenners public transition were groundbreaking for the transgender community. Why? We are part of humanity and are simply trying to live life to its fullest without prejudice and intolerance. It is now a private group and prospective new members need to apply. The principles leading to the founding of this group in Billings will continue here in Los Angeles. This is a site for mainly social activities in Los Angeles with a focus on mainstream outings but regular transclub outings (Thank you Jamie Jameson!) and also for learning more about the broad spectrum of the transgender condition/experience since it is important for the public to understand who were are.

Diablo Valley Girls

From their website:

Diablo Valley Girls is a non-profit, non-sexual social support group for M to F transgender individuals, their families and friends.

We were formed in May 1991 by two local members of ETVC, since renamed TransGender San Francisco (TGSF).

Although mainly serving the needs of those in the East Bay area of Northern California, we have members in seven states. DVG is an open group and welcomes all mature and responsible persons. Our membership and mailing lists are confidential and our members are expected to observe everyone’s right to privacy.

We are NOT a dating or sexual contact service. Anyone with these interests should look elsewhere.

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “LGBTQ+ Resources in California

      1. Los Angeles (formerly Billings) TG Meetup

        Los Angeles, CA
        498 Tfriends

        This group was originally born in Billings, Montana (see below); but since I have now moved back to Los Angeles, we are now back at home ready to conquer (well maybe blend sea…

        Check out this Meetup Group →

        Hi Hannah, Love your site. Was helping a friend find resources in MN and been all over your site. You have done a wonderful job and I am certain you have helped many girls with the insight and resources here.

        You asked for CA resources. The link above is to a group of T-girls. Members are all across the spectrum. Some dress occasionally, some are transitioning and everything in-between. We talk weekly via Zoom right now, but have been out for a few events (dinners and even a local concert) in 2021. As things open up there will be more events available.

        Thanks for all you do. You are very pretty as well!!!

        Rachel Carr

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  1. Check out Carla’s Social Club, in San Jose, CA.

    Aejaie, the owner, is outstanding, and provides a ton of great services (makeovers, makeup lessons, transformations, outings, and even coaching sessions). It’s where I got my first transformation makeover, and the results can be seen by looking at the beautiful woman in my profile picture.


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