LGBTQ+ Resources in Oregon

If you know of a social/support group, a transformation service, or an organization in your state that would be of interest to our community, please drop me a line with that information and links and I will be happy to post it!

Project Unity at Crossdresser Heaven is also an amazing resource!


The Rose City T-Girls

The Rose City T-Girls have been established since November, 2007. We pride ourselves on earning respect from the entire community around us through our actions.

We have had activities with over a 100 participants and many times 30 or more. Our activities range from golf tournaments to weekly outings and annual trips to the Diva Las Vegas get together.

We are a very diverse group that ranges from cross dressers to fully transitioned male to female girls. We have had multiple girls complete their transition from start to finish at the same time helping and supporting others transition along the way.

 We are confident we will continue to grow and support the community in all ways. It is exciting to see so many girls that have had the opportunity to find themselves as a result of the group.

 We are and always will be Proud to be Transgender.

Over the Rainbow Transformations

My name is Victoria Sinclair. I am the owner and operator of Over the Rainbow Transformations. I have over 20 years of experience providing transformation experiences to crossdressers and transgender women. And I enjoy my work very much! 🙂
This all started with my helping some friends refine their looks. It then became a part time career, and eventually worked its way into my heart so deeply that I had to do it full time! I am dedicated to continuing to make this place the very best it can be, and to learning all I can in order to help you achieve your goals. 
We host events, go out on the town, and generally get you out to wherever you’d like to go! There are shopping trips, movie and game nights, clubbing, NWGA events, and so much more….  
We offer other services and products as well, to help you become “The Girl You’ve Always Wanted To Be”. I truly care about my girls, and always want them to look and feel their very best. It is so fulfilling to watch you blossom before my eyes, on the outside, into the woman you have always felt like on the inside!
I hope I can be of assistance to you on your journey. Whether that journey is just around the corner (crossdressing occasionally or regularly), or all the way home ( complete gender reassignment), I am here for you.

One thought on “LGBTQ+ Resources in Oregon

  1. Really you are doing good work for the LGBTQ community but in India such groups exist but rare I know many people are not able to come out due to family or society restrictions some are trapped in the nest of bad elements I wish in india also such groups should come up openly in each city so that crossdresser can also enjoy their part of life

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