The New World

We are all living in a very different and frightening world compared to a few months ago.  What did we even talk about or think about before COVID-19?

Schools, restaurants, businesses are closed, sporting events and concerts are canceled… this is all very surreal, scary, and bizarre.

Many of us are working from home, our normal routines which we took for granted are upended, we can’t purchase essential items from Target, we are isolated, and in some ways, feeling a little trapped.

Girls like us count on each other for friendship, support, encouragement, makeup tips, and just knowing we are not alone.  Being able to connect is essential, but it’s more crucial than ever.

How are you all doing?  How are you keeping it together?  Please comment below.

Stay safe.

Love, Hannah

11 thoughts on “The New World

  1. Waiting to spend a full day at home as Alicia… but desperate for some girl time!

    I think a t-girl zoom (or google hangout) session is in order! If we can get enough ladies together, I’d be onboard!


    1. Yes, with you on this Hannah and Alicia. It’s going to be a difficult time for the whole damn world. The more kindness we can show and connections we can make, the better for everyone.


  2. I am doing fine. I do miss the freedom to be whomever I want, wherever I want, on a regular basis. However, recognizing the need for some temporary discomfort now to avoid a potentially larger pain in the future is what separates adults from children.


  3. We, (as a species) were warned of this matter decades ago. The micro-managers running the republic chose to ignore and later shame the academics, who do actually THINK for a livelihood. Now academics are threatened with loss of ‘tenure privilege’, for thinking and proposing ‘radical’, ‘decadent’ ideas.
    From a Darwinian perspective, ‘survival of the fittest’ also pertains to ‘survival of the ‘smartest’ (read: most forward looking, and most prepared).
    We currently have a feckless, ‘Fearless Leader’ (remember the character in The Adventures of ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’ cartoon?) who, along with his followers are clearly ‘wading in the shallow end of the gene pool’. His last news conference today took well over an hour, was chocked full of exaggerations and BS; could have lasted 20 minutes. Has a nasty knack for breaking into ‘The View’, I am sure ‘that was not intentional’….


  4. To be honest, I feel like everyone is now in a situation similar to mine and my wife’s, since we work from home every single day. Obviously it’s not for everyone, and being mostly introverts helps. I feel for people who need to socialize a lot… Now, I definitely miss the opportunity to go out en femme… 😉

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  5. Being married and not out to my wife, Haley is still “living” in a box in the garage. It’s been weeks since she’s been free, and as the days go by I wonder how much longer I can go without introducing her to my wife. While I can’t imagine doing that for many reasons, for just as many I can imagine and needing to do it. But, once I let Haley out of the box, I’m not sure I could ever put her away again. Trying times, I just want to feel pretty for awhile and relax.


  6. Having a rough time, just being honest. Trying to put on a brave face, but fact is I have to work during this time and I live and work as a woman everyday. I’m getting scared more and more everyday. People I encounter are also scared, and some are becoming more and more short tempered and for the first time in a long time I am concerned for my safety.

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  7. Hey there team – two weeks in isolation… what an ideal opportunity to perfect makeup skills without fear or concern of interruption. Yes, it is unnerving to contemplate the ‘what it’s ‘ but I’d hazard a guess we’ve each found ourselves in unnerving situations before. Realistically, of course, some of us will become ill and there are challenging financial times ahead. With those considerations, shouldn’t we embrace who we are, carpe diem, and treat each day as a gift.
    From the great white north…


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