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I love your pictures and you seem so happy and feminine and having fun. I like that you said you no longer care about passing, and you just try to look your best all the time. My problem is I am tall and have big feet. I wonder if you would tell me your sizes and how you get around the biggest challenges of looking fashionable.

I am also tall.  Almost all of us have physical traits that we would like to change if we could.  Some traits are things we could change, some traits are out of our control.  There’s not much I can do about my man hands, for example.

This is probably a good time to remind us all that no one is too tall, too old, too… anything to be a girl.  There is no maximum height limit to be pretty.

There are parts of me that can be changed, other parts that can’t.  A few years ago I was tired of watching the scale go up.  I felt sluggish and unattractive in both of my genders.  Thanks to quitting drinking and hitting the gym harder, I was able to drop from a size 20 to a 12.  That was in my control.  My height?  I can’t do anything about that.

Again, no one is too tall to be pretty.  No one is too tall to be a girl.  But when I first started going out, I wanted to… well, maybe not blend in, but not stand out as much.  We are all nervous about being noticed, whether it is by someone we know in our male lives, or just drawing attention as a t-girl and potentially being harassed… or worse.  As a t-girl I am going to stand out anyway, and my height isn’t going to help.

If there is something about us that we can’t change, or don’t want to, the only thing we can do is own it.  Yes, I am tall, so instead of letting that stop me I embrace it.  I am six feet tall, most cis-women are not this tall.  Tall women stand out.  And we should, we’re fabulous.  🙂  But if I am going to stand out, I am REALLY gong to stand out.  Instead of trying to minimize this feature, I go in the opposite direction.  If I am going to be tall, then I am going to be REALLY tall.  I am going to wear the four inch heels.  I am going to turn heads because of my weight and my gender, so why not dress how I want?  Rock those heels, wear that bright top, wear that dress with the bold, floral print.

Too tall for the mall?  No.

It’s all about attitude.  I embrace my height, it makes me feel powerful.  Instead of letting this part of me hold me back from going out, I use it.  A tall confident woman?  What’s sexier than that?

Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. if you are paying attention this concern re: height is past tense. younger girls are springing up. Last time the movies were still open 2/ 3 girls in front of me exceeded my 6 ‘


  2. Height is interesting indeed. It goes without saying Hannah you are stunning; that said, other taller girls I can envision struggling with the thought process of being tall. Just remember no matter one’s height how you feel about you matters most. So you are a few inches taller then others…how big do you smile when you look in the mirror? We’ve all in our own ways struggled to get here, don’t forget to smile at ourselves and appreciate ourselves. Whether tall or short or whatever in between we’re here, we are beautiful, Let it ride!


  3. Love the attitude, Hannah. After going out en femme only a couple times, I adopted the same perspective. Rather than presenting as a dressed-up man trying to hunker down and conceal his arms and shoulders, say, I decided to present as a woman who flaunts her physicality. If the girls at my gym are proud of their gains, why can’t I be?
    If anyone would think to hassle me or my amazing wife while we’re out as girlfriends, I’d rather their first thought be, “Look at the guns on that chick!” than “Let’s hassle those two risk-free.”
    I found it helpful to browse pics of female bodybuilders (and I do mean “bodybuilders,” not “bikini competitors), some of whom are not only muscular, but also look quite feminine & beauriful (Marika Johansson, for example).
    Stay strong, sisters.


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