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-As a part time t-girl, have you ever considered taking hormones to get closer to your feminine self?

– I recently started HRT with the hope of my body turning more like it “should” have always been. I understand this is some kind of a hopeless effort to try and “pass” as a woman too (since I’m more genderfluid than in the wrong body). I was wondering – if not indiscreet – whether you went through HRT yourself or not, and if that boosted your confidence level, or if you just decided to just use breast forms and wigs and not change your body.

I have no personal experience when it comes to HRT (hormone replacement therapy).  I have never felt like permanently modifying my body was something I needed to do, or wanted to do.  

I see my body as a blank slate, a new piece of paper, and that I can wear whatever I want to.  Obviously my body has characteristics that are typically associated with being physically male, but except for the occasional bouts with dysphoria, I don’t think my body holds me back from presenting as whatever gender I feel like presenting as.

I do wear breast forms, thighs pads, and hip pads as they help with providing a curvier figure.  Since most dresses and skirts are designed for someone with a more shapely body, these forms make my clothes fit and look better.

I don’t feel I was born in the wrong body.  I don’t feel that being assigned male at birth holds me back in any way from wearing what I want or identifying however I wish.  Having the box for “male” checked on a form is a way for others to label me, and it’s not something that I allow to limit who I am.

I like both of my genders.  I like being able to go back and forth.  I don’t want to do anything to my body that is typically associated with either one of my genders, be it growing a beard or developing breasts.  I feel limitless in terms of my gender presentation.  I don’t like being limited in terms of what I can wear.  Let’s face, society already does that for us.

Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I went through this same thing for years. I was content with cross dressing; think it was the sexual thrill and love of the look, the clothes. Especially the thrill of passing. My spouse of 34 years didn’t and it became a don’t ask don’t tell. But it eventually it led to divorce, as her anger and resentment built up. She thought that if I loved her I could give it up. I remarried and was honest from day one about the cross dressing and said I would never lie to her as it did not work out in a previous marriage. About four years ago I came out to my stepdaughter who became a lesbian and is accepting, as my 2nd wife did not want me lying to her. I promised my stepdaughter I would go to counseling to explore my need I am propensity for woman’s clothes. After four years I decided that I really was a woman inside and two months ago went through reassignment surgery, and I am ecstatic about my new body. How and if my second marriage is going to survive remains to be seen.

    I read somewhere online, “the only difference between a cross dresser and a transsexual is time”!

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  2. I have been on Hormones for over 20 yrs while still living as a male. It was the best thing I ever did. From the time I was little, I wanted to be a girl but never felt like i could transition. The hormones brought a lot of comfort. Even though I cannot live as I want to this helped knowing that am from a hormone perspective.

    Not sure they actually helped me to pass physically but they certainly did mentally. I am so much calmer and at peace now. Some times the physical changes can create uncomfortable situations and limitations.


  3. Hanna, I am with you like being able to switch back and forth between genders, I wear the appropriate padding when necessary. Have been to a pool and the beach many times in a one piece women’s suite and seem to pass well. I certainly enjoy both my genders.


  4. I saw your pictures on the glamour Boutique site. You’re stunning. I’m way down the list because I applied too early. I recognized you right away however. Be proud of what you’re doing

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  5. Reaching to the super personal and deep question we face, “who am I”. For some it’s balancing life between both genders, allowing the Femme side to come out every so often. For others it is “I am a girl trapped in a boy body”. After that potentially much deeper reflection and more options. As hard, painful, and challenging as it can be I hope all of us can find our place. Our happinesses, our comfort, our beauty, and our freedom. No matter if one dresses once a month or deeply desires to transition we are beautiful and deserve to smile and live proudly as who we are.


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