Ask Hannah!

What’s the best way to look like a lady?

There isn’t one.

Every person who identifies as a woman looks like a woman.

There’s no standard. There’s no right way, or best way, to look like a woman.

That is an individual choice.

There are ways to walk in heels, wear eyeliner, and wear a skirt, but these things do make someone a lady.

A woman can be dressed to kill in an evening gown and five inch stilettos. A woman can wear a hardhat. A woman can wear pajama pants to the grocery store. Every single one of them looks like a lady, if she identifies that way

If you are wanting to look a certain way, you need to be specific about what you want. Do you to get better at makeup? If so, what do you mean? Do you mean matching your skin tone to find the right foundation? Do you want to learn how to contour? Do you want to get better at applying false eyelashes or applying liquid eyeliner to your waterline? Are you looking to shake up your wardrobe? Do you want to learn how to take your measurements? How to coordinate a blouse with a skirt? How to wear stockings without snagging them? Do you need help with wearing a gaff? Walking in heels? Taking care of a wig?

Whether you identify as a crossdresser, t-girl, a woman, gender queer, if you are someone who wants to learn something, or look a certain way, think about your goals. Think about what you want to achieve.

Love, Hannah

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