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I was wondering if you have any advice for clothing selection for very muscular legs? I am an avid cyclist and between genetics and cycling have massive leg muscles, especially my quadriceps. Even by male standards they are very large. What clothing choices would you suggest to minimize their impact on feminine appearance?

In male mode, I have very few criticisms or even opinions about my body. But on a bad day I could list a lot of things I wish I could change.

When it comes to our bodies, we have to think about whether or not it’s something we can change or if we are willing or able to change. I didn’t like my big manly eyebrows, so I thread them. This was something I COULD change, and something I was willing to change. Yes, we can all do whatever we want with our eyebrows, but some of us might be hesitant to do so if we present as male in our lives. Some things about us we are willing to change, but perhaps we can’t.

When it comes to something that we can’t change or don’t want to change, then we have a different set of choices. We can try to minimize it, or we can embrace it.

I can’t do anything about my height, and heels don’t help, but I have accepted that I am taller than most girls, and have also embraced this by wearing the stilettos I wish. I also bike and run (about six miles a day), so I have muscular legs as well, but like my height, I embrace them. Obviously. 😉

But if you don’t want to go this route, then go for all-forgiving and minimizing black. You could rock black stockings.

A longer dress (yes, I do own these too) could also work.

Leggings and black pants would also do the trick.

I hope this helps!

Love, Hannah

5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Like Hannah, I run and bike regularly (a lot more biking in this Covid-19 world). I’ve gotten compliments on my legs from women AND men.

    I just assume people know I’m trans, so my legs (or shoulders or anything else) aren’t a giveaway; everything is. Accordingly, I don’t worry about it and wear what I want to wear.

    Recently Hannah wrote about a (beautiful) dress with spaghetti straps that exposes her shoulders, and writing that she would have never considered wearing it–but it was too beautiful to not wear (I’m paraphrasing here).

    If you like it, wear it.


  2. My legs for me are my best asset and I keep them smooth all the time.
    I don’t have real muscular legs so I think they look quite feminine when in girl mode, and guy mode don’t care what people think.
    My shoulders are my most obvious male feature broad and so I have to choose carefully what I can and can’t wear enfem.
    Backless clothes don’t look good on me and so I have to be careful with tanks and such but I love so many of the cute summer tops and sun dresses


  3. I am in the same bought but worse, I used to be a power lifter !! My quads are down from 30″ round but still huge as , like you , I am a serious cyclist/sprinter. I avoid short skirts or dresses. My height @ 5ft 6″ is not bad for a woman , and at my age 65 knee or midi length works well.


    1. I was the one who asked the question. I’m really glad you responded. I have the legs of a pro cycling sprinter. My quads are currently 27″ in diameter and my calves are 18″. I am also 5′ 5″, which is very close to your height. It’s nice to talk to someone else with freakishly large leg muscles relative to their height. I feel like some kind of monster. Do you have an example of the pants, skirts, etc. that work well for you?


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