From Concealing to Revealing

When I first started to fully dress I looked for clothes that would minimize some of my features. I found a new appreciation for layering and how contouring could downplay some of my more masculine facial features. When I started to go out of the house, I did my best to blend in instead of standing out.

But somewhere along the way in my (sigh) journey I stopped caring. I cared less about blending in and embraced my height and the fact that I am transgender and everyone who sees me or interacts with me knows I am transgender. I am going to stand out, so I may as well wear the stilettos and the bright pink dress.

But as confident as I was, I still avoided certain styles, namely dresses that revealed more of my shoulders than I was comfortable with. Spaghetti straps were a no-no. But a few months ago I had an epiphany. Global pandemics can do that to you. I decided that I was holding myself back, and I was tired of it.

So I bought the dresses I wanted to wear and I have never looked back. I wore the dress that kind of inspired this whole new way of thinking for a photo shoot in June and I wore several more of them for a shoot last month.

I have been doing more shopping online than I normally do. Again, a global pandemic can do that to you, but a dress kept popping up as a suggestion. I thought the dress was super cute but I thought I couldn’t pull it off as it was a little more revealing than what I normally wore.

But then I thought the hell with it and clicked “add to cart”.

A couple weeks later I wore it for a photo shoot and I would love to share some of the photos from that day. I hope you like them and I hope we all can overcome these invisible barriers in our lives.

Love, Hannah

7 thoughts on “From Concealing to Revealing

  1. wow you look amazing, very female looking, u could fool me if i see you walk by me, i would see a beautiful lady walking by me, you have the legs of a female and figure of a female, so why not show it off


  2. I consider one of the major milestones in my life to be the time when I made a conscious decision to not give a damn what others thought of the way I dressed. It was a very freeing moment, and I have never looked back.


  3. Hannah, that dress is amazing and you look gorgeous in it (love the heels)! I’ve been working up the courage to go for a more shoulder baring outfit, but I was wondering what you wear underneath the dress to support the “girls”.


    1. Hi Tina

      Look for a “strapless” bra. Or “4-way” or “5-way” (you can wear various ways… halter, crisscross, strapless, etc.).

      Advertised as “strapless” is better. Personal experience is that the labeled band is a size down (something labeled as a 40 band is going to fit closer to a 38 band and the band will have a tight elastic).

      One of the styles I gravitate towards is maxi. This is one of my off the shoulder… if it lets me post a link here Looks like they are discontinuing it.

      I love the way the shoulders front and back, and upper back show, the way the halter tie hangs in the back. So feminine…


  4. Gorgeous. You always are. And you find the most fantastic settings 😍 for outdoor photoshoots … I’m jealous



  5. I had a shoulder phobia the first few I went out in public, more than a decade ago. Strangely, I came to understand that sometimes efforts to disguise masculine shoulders inadvertently called attention to them instead. Now I am more self conscious of having a farmer tan than I am about my shoulders or biceps.


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