Fast Fashion

It’s amazing how fast a fashion cycle can go.

Some things are popular for what seems to be a short period of time, and some things seem to be around forever or constantly making a return. I am not a fan of (most) high-low dresses or maxi dresses but they always seem to be fashionable. I have always love peplum dresses and tops but those seem to be out of favor.

Of course, everything is in fashion if you honestly don’t care about what others think. 🙂

Last summer I noticed a trend of dresses that had a mesh or pattern overlay over a simple black dress. I loved this look and I was surprised and a little disappointed that it was super popular for what seemed to be a very short time and then like many trends, went away. I picked out a dress that fit this style but I never wore it until recently. I decided to wear it at my last photo shoot and I’m glad I did, it’s super cute.

What do you think?

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “Fast Fashion

  1. I really can’t keep up with fashion, though I am grateful for the passing of 80’s puffy hair and shoulder pads. I try to choose mostly age, seasonally and situationally appropriate clothes that will let me blend in as a mature woman. At the same time, I’ll admit a bit of longing for styles younger girls can wear.

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  2. That summery dress with the sheer overlayer is so much my own style. I love it and, yes, it is super cute. Needless to say, you look gorgeous in it, but you are a natural model. Sue x


  3. You look so beautiful Hanna. I dont believe in following a fashion. I feel if you like something. Enjoy it. You only live once. You might as enjoy it as much as you can while your living. Life is too short. So enjoy what you love. I sure do.. Love, Natasha


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