When I was growing up, I was fascinated and intrigued by the vast options of girl clothes. It was all so exciting compared to the clothes that were in my closet and dresser. It seemed like there was an endless variety of shoes. Girls could wear Mary Janes, saddle shoes, pumps, heels, ballet flats, wedges, and of course, stilettos. Girls could wear thongs, tangas, boyshorts, bikinis… the list goes ever on.

I was stuck with such boring clothes. Many of us wonder why we are who we are, and although this isn’t a question that can really be answered I suspect this has a lot to do with who I am.

Patterns were another fascination to me. I had striped shirts… and that was about it. I always loved hounds tooth, polka dots, and gingham patterns. They have always seemed to feminine to me. For my last photo shoot I wore a super cute red gingham pattern dress that I absolutely love and I hope you like it too!

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. I was raised with all sisters, I was always so envious of all the selection of clothes and shoes they had. Of course, I did tried on a few of theirs. my clothes are so boring.

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    1. Hi Carolyn, Melanie here. I didn’t have sisters, only one brother, but I did enjoy looking through the Sears and JC Penney catalog and seeing the wide variety of girls clothes vs. boys clothes. I remember my mom asking me one day why I was looking through the girl’s section. . .BUSTED. . .I stammered and said I was just trying to find the boy’s section. Then, I asked why the girls had so many more choices and the boys had so few. She just shrugged her shoulders and walked away.


  2. Lovely dress Hannah, and yes the variety in ladies clothing in defiantly one of the things that attracts me for sure.
    I mean the first time you wear a skirt and notice how comfortable it is you wonder why more people don’t wear them.
    Stay beautiful

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