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I’m looking for a place to help me turn from a man to a girl makeup wise. A place that would do my makeup for me. I want to look like a girl for Halloween, but don’t know how to use makeup. I live 2 hours west of the twin cities in Minnesota.

There are two ways you can go about this.

You could visit a transformation service, but unless I am mistaken there is only one in the Twin Cities: La Femme MystiqueI visited with Rebecca and had an amazing time.  Rebecca knows what you mean when you say “boy to girl”.

The other option is simply scheduling a makeover.  Don’t look at a makeover as a “boy to girl” transformation.  When you schedule a makeover, think of your goals.  If you simply say “I want to look like a girl”, well, that’s kind of vague.  Every girl looks different from one another, and you and your artist will likely have different ideas about what you want.  

When I get a makeover, I am usually asked these questions:

“What are we thinking today?”  

I let my artist know what kind of look I am going for.  Do I want something dramatic and intense and bold?  If so, I am looking for heavy eyeliner, probably a smokey eye or a cat’s eye look.  I usually want bright red lips and wear false eyelashes.

“What colors are you thinking?”

This question usually refers to what lipstick and eyeshadow shade I want.  Most of the time it will compliment whatever outfit I am wearing.  

“What are you doing today?”

This question is usually in regards to what I am planning on after my makeover.  I am going to the mall?  If so, perhaps something casual or an everyday look.  Do I have a photo shoot?  Some makeup looks better in photos than others.  Am I going to be outside?  If it’s hot out then a setting spray is essential.  

When I get a makeover, I think about what I want in specific terms.  What I ask for includes these things:

-Color correction (an orangey shade that covers my jawline and under my nose to counterbalance the blue-ish tint that facial hair creates) before my foundation).

Contouring -(my facial structure is pretty angular, so I like my facial features to appear a little more round)

-Eyebrow shaping and definition

-Overdrawn lips (a lip liner just outside of my normal lip shape and then filled in with lipstick to create fuller lips)/

There are a lot of places to get makeovers in the Twin Cities.  My go-to places are Rita Ambourne and CaJah Salon.  Of course, places like MAC, Ulta, and Sephora also are an option for girls and girls like us.

Have fun!

Love, Hannah

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3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Call ahead to schedule whatever you are going to do. Both because few, if any, places have walk-in makeovers, and some usual places are not doing them at all yet.

    To help out with answering the questions Hannah listed, what are you going to wear for Halloween? A specific costume? A theme – girl next door, office professional, game show contestant or host, whatever it is that you are planning. That will also help clarify your makeup goals.

    It’s good to start early like this, rushing in the last week or two usually doesn’t provide the best results available.

    Plan well and have fun.


  2. I live in Fargo and have had makeovers at Merle Norman–both in West Acres and the Moorhead Center Mall. Ultra also does makeovers in Fargo, but I’ve never had one here (only in the Woodbury Ulta).

    My suggestions pretty much mirror Hannah’s and Evelyn’s–know what you are going to wear, know the environment in which you’ll be, etc. I’d also suggest getting your own makeup and practicing yourself (YouTube has some great tutorials) so you’ll have a clue what is being done to you and so they can help you with things with which you struggle (and you’ll be better prepared to touch yourself up). Also, do you plan on going to the makeover dressed, or will you change into your outfit later? I try to schedule my makeovers as late as possible to reduce the chance of me smudging it and to get maximum time before my beard starts coming through.

    Good luck, and reach out with questions if you’ll ever be coming to Fargo for your makeover.



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