Ask Hannah!

Have you ever seriously considered transitioning ? Give some of your pros and cons !

Of course I have. We all have.

To clarify, I have never considered transitioning, but I have considered if I wanted to, or if I needed do. If I felt that I wanted to, then I would consider doing it, but I don’t feel that transitioning is right for me. I am perfectly happy being who I am. I enjoy being bi-gender, I like going back and forth between my two gender identities.

I wish I could be more helpful and insightful with this question, but I am afraid that I have never considered whether or not I should transition, I just know it’s not right for me. I suppose (for me, anyway) it’s like wondering if I would like to move to New York. It’d be a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

If you are considering this step, I would recommend seeking a gender therapist who can help you with the pros and cons with this decision.

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. A succinct answer to a question that many of us have. Thank you Hannah. I thought with the freedom you feel with Hannah, you might have seriously considered transitioning at some point; at times it is difficult NOT to consider the change in life that would occur when being our female self gives us such warm and comforting feelings.


  2. If you do see a therapist, make sure that you are honest with yourself first, then be honest with them. For way too long I thought to myself “I’m a cross dresser, I don’t need to transition”. But over time it became harder for me to deny it. Had I been open with myself up front, I likely would have started transition much sooner.


  3. I was one who began the transition process. I even had the hormones.
    But something inside me said no you don’t need this.
    You can just be you and not worry how others feel or look at you.
    Just be the best you you can be no matter what gender you are presenting


  4. Such a complex thought process, to transition or not to. Each of us has to think of/consider/evaluate all of our lives before deciding. Personally I’m transitioning. Male life/testosterone need not apply here. But all of us are our own people, do as you wish and feel. No one style will fit everyone.


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