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I recently came across your site and am glad I did! I’m wondering where you have gone locally for makeovers, or do you do all of your own makeup/dressing? I’ve tried to separate places in Las Vegas with mixed results. One was really expensive, and didn’t deliver all that they claimed, but the showgirl outfit was fun! The other was less expensive but not very organized.

Wondering if you know of anywhere local or even in the surrounding states.

Thank you so much for your blog!

I can do my own makeup and I have a zillion dresses, but I usually will have my makeup done when I go out, especially if it’s for a photo shoot.

There are a lot of places to get makeovers in the Twin Cities.  My go-to places are Rita Ambourne and CaJah Salon

Cajah Salon

Rita Ambourne

Of course, places like MAC, Ulta, and Sephora also are an option for girls and girls like us.

Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Dear Hannah,
    Although we will probably never meet I feel that we have the same spirit. As I sit typing I feel the warmth of a beautiful body wash over me, the smell of sexy perfume, the feel of satin lingerie covering me is something I can only feel on my own. Unlike you I am still in ‘the closet’ and at 65 years young I have a had a lot of adventures. My wife caught me once and sent me off to a councillor who after two visits said she would be willing to start me on HRT as she thought I was more female than male. As I said to her all I wanted to be was a loving lesbian as I am not interested in males at all. Over the years I have always gravitated towards females when in groups/family etc. Is this wrong to feel like this? Is there a forum that one can talk to females that love people like us? One that can understand just how wonderful it feels to be pretty, smell pretty and more over the want to be like this? I understand just how many e mails you must get as I just love getting your blogs and I read with great interest and having a wife that loves you while enfemm is just a pipe dream to me.
    Well dear friend, loving you in spirit
    I live in Queensland Australia, would love to send some photo shots to you for your opinion is this possible?


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