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I have a question regarding wearing female clothing while presenting in boy mode. I ask because I like to wear something female specific even when presenting in boy mode. Currently I am wearing women’s jeans and just picked up a pair of women’s combat boots that could pass for men’s shoes. I struggle to find footwear that would not be too feminine that I can still wear. What are some options that can be displayed as gender neutral even though the clothing is made for women?

I wear femme clothes in boy mode mostly because they are more comfortable and softer than boy clothes.  Femme jeans are soooo much more comfortable than boy jeans.  The fit is better, the fabric is softer…. I just wish the pockets were a TINY bit bigger.  My femme jeans look very much like boy jeans but there are some subtle difference.  The same thing goes with leggings.  I have boy leggings and girl leggings and I exercise in both of them, but the femme leggings are so much more comfortable.  But like my jeans, if you know what you are looking for you can tell they came from the section of Target that most men don’t shop in.

So yes, comfort is part of the reason I wear femme clothes in boy mode, but sometimes I just… like wearing femme clothes in boy mode.  I would like to live in a world where clothes weren’t so genderized but that world is centuries off.  

I think some of us wear femme clothes in boy mode because we are… well, testing the waters so to speak.  Will anyone notice?  If they do, will anyone say anything?  If they say something, will they care?  Will they make a fuss about it?  If they notice but it’s not a big deal, perhaps we have found someone we can be honest with.

Shoes though… well, there’s not a ton of options.  Most femme shoes are super cute but often times practicality is exchanged for the cuteness of them.  If I wanted to wear femme shoes in boy mode I would avoid anything with a heel, obviously.  This is one of the of those instances where you can see a shoe and your first impression is probably the same impression most people will have.  If you look at a shoe and think it’s a little too femme, chances are most people will think the same thing.  If you’re fine with that or if that’s look you’re going for (or you don’t care what others think), then go for it.  

I hope that helps! 

Love, Hannah

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4 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I’ve found just simple golf style shirts or even button shirts are great female wear I can wear in boy mode.
    I also find tennis shoes can be a good choice in footwear as long as they are not too colorful but even then sometimes a splash of color never hurt.
    Shoes of course it’s all about finding a size 11 or 12 in ladies


    1. I just wanted to echo the statement about the shoes. Usually with athletic shoes what determines where a store stocks them seems more related to colors than anything else. I had a pair of light teal shoes for a couple of years that fit absolutely perfect that came from the women’s section. Nobody besides me knew that because the design was the same as the men’s just with a different color.

      Unfortunately now I have to have special shoes made due to medical issues and the selection among those is far more limited. Such is life though.


  2. great post and very interesting. i would like to know why female jeans have a fancy design on the back pocket? or some type of feminine design? is it show female jeans from male jeans? I love to wear female clothing for the same reason fits better and looks better. why should woman wear nice fitting clothing and we can’t? we get the same old boring jeans and fit terrible and look horrible. same with shirts as woman would call it a blouse. I wear a blouse at times and looks and feels good. when i under dress I wear a skirt and blouse, nylons, bra, panties with my male cloths over them. at time I dress up and not under dress and that is when no other adult child is home, wife is and knows of my x dressing but will not see me dressed up. even tho she has seen me dressed up and even getting dressed up. seen me putting on make up too and she knows I put on perfume for she smells it


  3. There are some women’s loafers or Oxfords that should be androgynous enough to work. Maybe some deck shoes. Possibly even some ballet flats, but that might be harder to find something that isn’t waving the “I’m feminine flag” too strongly.


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