New En Femme Blog!

My new blog for En Femme is live!

The latest article with blogger, trans-activist and fashionista, Hannah McKnight is now available in our Learning Center! Hannah’s blog discusses more in-depth her life as a self-described T-girl. 

Hannah’s newest article is the third part in a series about starting out crossdressing and exploring gender, identity and labels: “Crossdressing 101.” In this installment, Hannah talks about where crossdressing falls on the transgender spectrum and about identifying as a bi-gender person.  Read it now>>

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “New En Femme Blog!

  1. I am amazed at you energy, creativity and productivity.

    Blog posting every day, modeling and writing articles is absolutely extraordinary.

    I am exhausted and have burned up my creativity just writing this comment


  2. Excellent article
    As one who does identify as non binary you hit right on with me.
    My job is very open to diversity so it allows me to express myself in many ways and so I do.
    I wear ladies tops and jeans many days to work, some days makeup as well and also my breast forms
    It’s me it’s a part of me, I am trans and I’m non binary and it is my comfort zone


  3. Really nice article. I remember when I was “scared” to write the word “crossdresser.” I accepted it now. I accept the transgender umbrella. In theory I like the term bi-gender…..but I am afraid if I said that to someone they would automatically think bi-sexual which is not me.

    I like the term “gender fluid” a lot. There is a feminine spirit inside this body that likes to be present. Sometimes more than ever. But also, this body is fine as it is. I am fine with both genders.

    I dress femininely at home (have an approving wife) but as a male when I leave the house, except I underdress. Wearing panties 24/7 allows me to always connect to my feminine side and give my feminine side “agency.”



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