Too Cute and Too Short

This dress is short. I mean, really short.

Whenever I buy a new outfit I usually try it on for the first time in boy mode. When I do this, I end up hating whatever I am wearing, but I also know I will think, and feel, and look different once I have my forms and pads on. Once my body is in femme mode (not that you need to have curves to be feminine), clothes look and feel and fit differently.

When this dress was delivered I tried it on and it fit fine. When I wore it in girl mode, well, it still fit fine, but I realized it was a little too short. I determine if something is too short if the tops of my stockings or the clasp of my garters are visible. If I stood still, then it was fine, but the tiniest breeze or movement was a little much.

I felt a little self-conscious in this outfit but I love how these photos turned out. It might be a short dress but it is still very cute. I hope you like it too!

Love, Hannah

16 thoughts on “Too Cute and Too Short

  1. I own that exact dress and have had the same thought, but I still absolutely love it. It just feels so darn feminine ( not that one needs exposed legs to be feminine, of course).


  2. Tops of stockings showing? I believe that was why panty hose were invented back in the beginning miniskirt days. You can run your hemline all the way up to your … well, you know where.

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  3. Love the one standing in front of the gate facing the camera. So cute.

    Although I venture into the “Oh dear God that’s short” realm. And on occasion dance wear (including a couple figure skating dresses hanging in the closet). The Gravatar has a few pictures… (purple) leotard with an attached asymmetric skirt I was out for a hair appointment about a year ago. One at the Mac counter at Macy’s I was wandering around the mall… blouse and 12 inch pull on figure skating skirt.


    1. Make that Estee Lauder counter…

      I’ve think about some of the concerns you raised back in “T Girl Survival Guide” especially when I’m out and about in hemline that short. Changing a tire is out of the question. If I had car trouble… and had to pull the AAA card out for a tow truck… ehhh…


  4. Enjoy sharing your experiences with the short hem and being self conscious about it. The dress is beautiful but the shoes are gorgeous. Country charm with sex appeal in this photo shoot. The female presentation is exceptional ,and many of us appreciate going along for the ride.


  5. I think it’s a lovely length for you! And dress❤️
    And, if your straps show just a bit, that just adds to the allure!


  6. See to others we all have insecurities about what we wear out. Even Hanna and I do also. One of my biggest fears is did my skirt get caught in my pantyhose and everyone can see my panties. Same thing an everyday woman wonders. We have insecurities when we go out, every new time we go out has a lot of anxiety that comes with it.


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