There are words that I love to use when it comes to this side of me. I love to wear a leather dress and look smoldering. I love wearing a cute dress and looking flirty. I love a little black dress and looking like a bombshell.

But this dress? I would love to be described as enchanting. There’s something so… amazing about a dress like this and imagining being the center of attention at a (very) formal event. A dress that makes people wonder who she is.

This was the last dress I wore for my most recent photo shoot. I wanted to create the feel of a very fancy event and a hotel in downtown Minneapolis was the perfect place to play in. I hope you like these photos!

Love, Hannah

11 thoughts on “Enchanting

  1. Hannah, can we crowdfund a wedding gown for you? I know you mentioned wanting to do a bridal shoot but not wanting to spend that much money on a wedding gown… this shoot makes me think “why not?” If I could buy a wedding dress for a few hundred dollars to wear for fun, why can’t we make that a possibility for you!

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  2. Wow. 🤩

    Hannah, that dress is gorgeous and enchanting, I know my head would be swiveling to follow you as you glide across the floor or make a grand entrance from the stairs. Just an absolutely beautiful set of pictures!


  3. Hannah
    For all the pleasure and insight you have provided I am an enthusiastic contributor to the McKnight wedding dress fund. Post you PalPal account and my contribution will be on its way.


  4. The belle of the ball. The curves are so well placed and tailored perfectly. Perhaps matching heels to the color of the dress would be in order. Women would be impressed with the total look.


  5. Oh Hannah, these images are the epitome of elegant, graceful and utterly feminine. I have attended way too many formal events in boring old suit and tie. I will never attend one again unless I can choose something as beautiful as your gown.


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