Ask Hannah!

What do you wear when underdressed? Thigh highs, stockings and garters?
Worried about bra lines and such?
How do you get out of your house dressed in daytime?
Do you go out in only panties and dress — no bra, hose etc?

Have you ever felt threatened while dressed?

I always wear panties, sometimes a bra or matching cami.  I almost always choose stockings and garters when I am en femme.

Yes, which is why I usually won’t wear a bra in boy mode if I need to leave the house.

I dress to the nines, apply my makeup, step into my heels and strut out the door.

I always wear a bra and stockings or tights.

Not really?  Sometimes I get mean looks but thankfully I have never felt endangered when I am out.

Love, Hannah

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