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My problem is that the caps in wigs aren’t deep enough for men, they don’t stay on. I need to find a way to keep a wig on to the point that if I had my hair pulled it would really be hard for it to be taken off or fall. 

Like almost everything else we want to wear, wigs come in different sizes.  Before shopping for a wig, measure your crown (basically the top of your head) so you know what size you are.  Some wigs are adjustable, most have an elastic band so there is a little stretch.  Wigs can be pricey (remember, crossdressing takes time, patience, and money) so it’s important that you do your research before you buy.  Reading descriptions and online reviews (if possible) are pretty helpful.  

There are ways to secure your wig including clips and even glue.  Depending on what method you use it may not withstand getting pulled hard, of course.  I have found online tutorials and YouTube videos on drag to be especially helpful when it comes to wearing wigs.  As most drag queens perform it’s pretty essential that their fabulous hair stays in place so some of the tricks they use are very helpful for everyday wear.

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  1. Another option I take advantage of is choosing a wig that offers sizing. I have found good luck with some wigs from a website (wigs buy dot com) that offers “large” head sizing. I also try to look for wigs that offer greater “density”, with some companies offering 125, 130, or even 150% “density” for example that makes for a thicker hair wig. With a capless wig it is less of an option, but a little “spirit glue” on a lace front works pretty well for securing the front of the wig to keep it in place also.


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