Ask Hannah!

Do you read stories from sites like Fictionmania? I love it! I so admire that you can go out dressed like you do. Have you ever done hormones or thought of doing this?

Fictionmania is a website which features fictional stories focusing on the transgender community.  I don’t read t-girl fiction anymore even though I really love reading.  In my late teens I sought out ANYTHING that had to do with other crossdressers, including magazines and fiction anthologies about the LGBTQ+ community.  Does anyone remember the magazines Transformation or Girl Talk?

I used to like reading stories about girls like me, even though they were fictional.  Most of these stories followed the same premises, usually a young man who started to crossdress at the urging of a family member.  As a t-girl I love reading about clothes and a lot of these fictional stories really went into detail about what the characters were wearing.  I would live a little vicariously through the characters as they went shopping and tried on beautiful dresses.  A lot of the stories, however, would eventually venture into characters having sex and that’s when I stopped reading.  This side of me was never a fetish for me and there was no connection to me wanting to dress like a girl and wanting to have sex.  

Hormones, surgery, t-blockers… none of that feels right for me.  I enjoy both of my genders and have no desire to pick one.  I love having options.

Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Yes- I do read the fiction stories where a skinny young man starts to cross-dress and becomes truly involved with his feminine energy and persona. And Hanna I am with you-if all of a sudden he gets involved with “large ” men for sex, I dismiss the story. Sex does not have to be a part of “dressing “. Dressing in itself provides a feeling of goodness where one feels alive and creative. I stay in chastity to keep me focused on being more feminine-wearing lingerie daily. Dressing is fertilizer for my feminine life that I hope to increase with time. I do take a low dose of hormones- I like the results and the way I feel.



  2. the 1 thing about this fiction ( and Crystal’s stories website) is that the main character is always around 5′ 5″ and 120 lbs. Not very realistic but fun


  3. Never knew about fictionmania. Many thanks for the introduction. Enjoy sharing your perspective on your femme life. The numbers say most CDers may think about being bi-sexual, but lead a hetero sexual life.. Being sensitive to a SO’s feelings is probably what keeps us grounded.

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  4. Fictionmania is still a slightly guilty release valve from time to time after Crystal’s site closed, but out of what must be tens of thousands of stories I think I’ve only found two or three that actually speak to me.


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