A Humble Thank You

Presenting en femme is empowering and absolutely humbling. There’s nothing like spending hours doing your makeup and putting on a new dress and feeling excited to see a gorgeous girl in the mirror…

And then it all falls apart. Our maleness stubbornly appears beneath our foundation, our masculine shoulders aren’t minimized by the pattern on the dress, and our boy feet are a LITTLE too big for our new heels.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it has happened enough where I never will shake this feeling as I get ready. Even after all these years, now matter how often I dress up, I still wonder if I will see HIM or HER in the mirror.

This morning I am thinking about how this side of us can humble us. But I am also feeling humbled and grateful for YOU. For every subscriber, for every email, comment, my website generates.

When I started blogging I wondered if anyone would ever find, let alone read, what I wrote. I still smile every time I get notification of a comment or of a new subscriber. It’s nice to know people are connecting with what I write and think about. It makes me feel less alone when it comes to who I am, and more importantly, who WE are.

It’s also nice to get recognized by other bloggers, if I am being honest. A blog has to be well-written, it needs to provide content that readers connect with, and needs to be updated regularly. I just learned that this website made to it a few year-end lists which were ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority, and freshness.

I am number 21 on this year’s Top 100 transgender blogs!

I am number 11 on this year’s Top 50 Trans Woman Blogs and Websites!

I am number 15 on this year’s Top 60 Crossdressing Blogs and Websites!

Again, I am humbled by any sort of recognition, whether it is making it onto a list like these or having a new subscriber. I am proud to be on the same list as many other bloggers that I read and admire.

Thank you for visiting my site. I absolutely appreciate it.

Love, Hannah

7 thoughts on “A Humble Thank You

  1. No doubt most of us experience the oh know I look like a guy in a dress
    I have more than I care to but the thing is, once you get passed that most don’t pass anyway and you step out that door and as we say own it then a lot of that goes away.
    Now don’t get me wrong every time I put myself together I want to look as fem as possible but I know in the back of my head I do look, well trans and hey that’s ok and then I can be confidant in that and proud to be that person

    Thanks Hannah for this blog as you earn your rankings and you serve this community well

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  2. Honestly, I go through it too. I was assigned female at birth and identify as female. You go through the same thing, just a different version, although it will sound strange. I’m not talking about “does my butt look big” but more like “my hair is a mess and it’s shaping around my jawline, and now I look like a guy”, and “this dress accentuates that I have no hips and my shoulders are too broad for my shape.”

    It’s completely normal. Go through it. Once you go out that door, you won’t have time to think about it, so if you think it while getting ready, you think it. It’s just a passing thought in the mornings.

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  3. Wow! Congratulations! Just a thought – it is puzzling that I look at videos of trans women who say they were read or they don’t think they look that female like and I wonder, because I am thinking, looking at them on their video talking, that they look pretty feminine to me…maybe in the eye of the beholder?

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  4. I don’t know how you manage to turn out worthwhile content so regularly. I find it difficult to occasionally offer a few sentences of comment.


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