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I am an older married trans woman who is not out to family as it would devastate them. My wife would not understand either, old but I am out to my gay friends. I have purged multiple times, Suddenly Femme being my finest purchases. I was hoping to meet others like myself for help & understanding.

Girls like us need girls like us.

We need support. We need friends who understand us. Whether we are transgender or… anything else. I think it’s easy to forget how we all need a community, we all need to belong someplace.

But you know that. After all, that’s why you’re asking. The real question is where do we go to find others that identify as we do?

Googling “transgender support and (city name)” can be incredibly helpful when it comes to finding local support groups. PFLAG is a nationwide support group and I would imagine you could find a local chapter within driving distance to where you live.

If you’re not ready to take this step, you can create profiles and chat online at places like crossdressers.comThe Gender Society and  Even just chatting and posting on the forums can give you support and friendship.

Of course, if you live in (or at least travel to) Minnesota, I’m sure the MN T-Girls would love to hear from you. 🙂

Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Dear Hannah;
    Your correspondent identifies herself as “older.” One suspects she is not older than myself, I having reached my “Sunset Strip” year. (A person would probably need to be of a certain age to understand that reference: “77 Sunset Strip.” I have reached this age concealing crossdressing through a military career and a family. It may be that I could have some insights that would be of value to your questioner. You may feel free to share with her my email address, and assure her that I would be happy to share experience.
    Lynn McDonough


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