Seeing Red

I think many of us have a different, deeper perspective on gender than most of the world. And I believe there’s a similar viewpoint and an emotional connection when it comes to clothes and color.

I have a zillion pairs of pink panties but not a single pair of blue panties. Yes, both blue panties and pink panties are, well, panties, but blue is for BOYS. I want GIRL colors for my panties.

And yes, I know that my whole… thing is that nothing should be “genderized”. Clothes are clothes, no matter if it’s a leather mini skirt or khaki pants.

But sometimes I can’t help it. Bring on the pink panties.

As much as I love pink, I am also drawn to red. Red is bold, red is fire. Red catches someone’s eye. This red dress from En Femme certainly caught my eye and I wore it for my last photo shoot.

I think I look good in red. What do you think?

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. OMG Girl….that dress is fabulous & it looks fabulous on you, I think it would look fabulous on me also! I just may have to find out!!
    As far as the blue panties, I have a few pair & I don’t think of them as anything but panties & have nothing to do with being boy or girl, of course red or pink are always better, but that’s just my opinion for whatever it’s worth.
    I love all your posts & find them very helpful, so keep up the good work girlfriend, you are an inspiration for all us girls out here.



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