That Friday Feeling


Thanks for sticking with me and for being my friend. I know life is overwhelming lately and a lot of my recent blogging isn’t necessarily helping stave off any feelings of impending doom.

You can’t ignore the troubles of the world, but you can (and we need to) take the occasional break from it. So, let’s do that.

I would love to hear something you love about yourself, something that you love about who you are. I want to hear your shallowest, most superficial thoughts.

I’ll go first.

Despite it feeling like an impossible battle sometimes, I love getting ready. I love the moment right before I put on my dress when I have just my corset on, I am wearing my breast forms and thigh pads, my stockings, panties, and bra. My body is transformed. I have hips, I have curves, I have cleavage. No matter how many times I dress, I am amazed and thrilled that my “boy” body looks a lot more femme than I ever thought it could. I’ll put my dress on and it fits and hangs the way it was designed to. Shows off my curves, clings to my hips.

I love this moment.

Your turn. 🙂

Love, Hannah

10 thoughts on “That Friday Feeling

  1. I love how my legs look in a pair of really cute shorts or skirts
    When I see them in the mirror they look so feminine, just like the most beautiful runway model


  2. The outfit of 2/ 28 is one of my looks or jeans and blouses or slacks /. Can’t wear spikes any more , 3″ or so . love your posts.


  3. The moment when the zipper on the dress closes completely, and I tug the hem down to smooth out everything. That is when I feel the most peaceful and content.


  4. I love carrying a designer handbag. Any thoughts about me being a guy are swept away by a bag hanging from my limp wrist.

    Don’t know if I have Gynecomastia or not, but I do know that I have breasts that are large enough to fill a size 42B bra without inserts, pads or any other assistance. And when I slip on my bra, I love finding those two perky mounds on my chest (it never gets old).

    Mom had shapely legs. When she worked in an office before she married, her nickname was “Legs.” Like mother, like daughter, I inherited my mother legs and a transman once dubbed me “Leggy.” I love being my mother’s daughter.

    Of course, “Legs” loved high heels, always wore them when she went out and she owned a closet full. Again like mother, like daughter, I love high heels, always wear them when I go out and I own a closet full (over 100 pairs).

    I love being a feminine man. When I am en homme, it can be a hindrance, but it works so well for me when I am en femme that I would not have it any other way.

    Making up my face is something I always look forward to. I love the process, the tricks, the shortcuts and especially the results. After I do my makeup, slip on my wig and look in the mirror, it is always an aha moment! (Yes, I am a woman.)


  5. I love that I found my girl side 1st of all, now on to the important stuff! I love the feel of freshly shaven legs & the feel of leggings on said legs, leggings, where have you been all my life! I love the look & feel of girl cloths.I love to shop for said cloths & love wearing them & making myself look beautiful & the best looking woman I can be.
    I guess you could say I love it all & I wish I had found this side of me earlier in my life.
    Thanks for always being there Hannah, you truly are an inspiration to all us girls.



  6. I feel the same as you do Hanna, when I finish putting on my makeup and have all my support garments and silicon helpers on, I look in the mirror and see Lisa. I LOVE becoming Lisa and it’s a rush!!!!!!!


  7. I feel the same way you do. When I have finished my makeup (I always do that first), put on my foundation garments and the silicon, I look in the mirror and see Lisa. This is even before my wig. It is such a rush!!!!!

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  8. I love the feeling of my (wig) hair against my neck, the movement of my earrings, and seeing my fingernails painted. All of these things help bring me closer to how I feel inside and, for a time at least, I don’t feel as blokey.


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