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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area & they have an event called The Brides of March, where you find a used wedding dress at a thrift shop and men, women and t-girls all get together wearing them. I just found out about it to late this year, but I’m looking forward to doing it next year, after all, when would a girl like us ever get to wear one!
Do you or anyone who reads your blog know of a similar event in their area?

Um, this sounds AMAZING.

The Wikipedia article linked above describes this event as more or less a pub crawl and although I don’t drink I think this would be amazing and super fun. Pub crawls often have themes and I’ve heard of some cities that have drag themed crawls and prior to the pandemic Minneapolis had a zombie themed crawl.

I would love to create a similar event but would take the emphasis off of drinking. From time to time I’ve thought about planning a princess themed event where everyone from any gender gathers and wears their most beautiful princess gown. How fun would that be??

Love, Hannah

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3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Wait, WHAT!?!? I live in the Bay and I’m finding out about this now!?!?

    We lost our only trans social club (that I know of) to COVID, so I thought there was nothing left for us T-Girls out here… now I need to cast my net wider!!!


  2. that is so great to have a place to wear a wedding dress or dress up and go out with out any reproductions. we need places to go out dressed up and have fun.


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