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I am 6’2 and 65. I am also 245 lbs, I am also in 18W dress and skirt suits, size 12M ladies shoes. I would love to be a size 12 in dresses. I’ve been taking Bust Bunnies supplement and I have added a cup but it looks like excess fat. Any information is helpful.

I’ve not heard of Bust Bunnies and I am extremely, EXTREMELY skeptical of taking ANY sort of supplement without the guidance of a doctor. I would absolutely encourage you to have this conversation with a medical professional, not only about these supplements but also with advice when it comes to any sort of weight loss you are seeking.

…Look, I know this sounds bitchy but wanting to look a certain way is not going to come from taking a supplement. Many of us dream of taking a pill and suddenly having the body, the face, that we have been dreaming of.

Everything about changing your life, your gender presentation, your body, takes time and work. Want to change your dress size from a 20 to a 12? Diet and exercise (under the direction of a doctor, of course) is likely the best method. Looking for breast augmentation? Again, a doctor.

My heart breaks a little whenever I get an email like this. I suspect most of us know that gender presentation, body transformation, is not going to happen from a pill that was ordered online. I suspect that there are girls out there that are so… yearning to be beautiful, to look a certain way that they will try anything, even if they know it probably won’t work.

Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I am also 6 foot and 230 and on top of that very follicly challenged, not a very femme picture, but I still try. I am in my 70’s and losing weight really does get harder. I still enjoy my femme time but I am realistic in my ability to go out and not be noticed, so sadly I don’t. Oh yeah, my wife knows and is tolerant but draws the line at me EVER leaving the house, that plays into my scenario too, lol.


  2. My comment is even those who are on HRT don’t see dramatic changes in their body even their breast don’t grow quickly so while we all would love to have that feminine look an body it’s just not realistic without surgery and a lot of time, as in a few years


  3. Its so common for girls like us to have body image issues…just as natal women. My advice is to go to any major discount retailer just to people watch. Observe at the customers, men and women. You’ll see that few of us are ideal in stature or weight…especially us Americans. I’m fortunate to be fairly h/w proportionate…but still a very big girl…but when I see other women who are pretty much the same size and weight, I feel like I fit in a bit better.


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