You Never Can Tell

When I post on my website it’s often about something I’ve been thinking about for a few days (or for a few years). Sometimes a post is about a recent adventure I had en femme. Sometimes it’s a post about a dress I am reviewing. Sometimes a post can take a lot of effort as I take a very small thought and, in a sense, drag it into the light for what I hope are thoughts worth reading.

Sometimes what I write about is inspired by your comments. Yes, you! I love reading comments for a few reasons. It is nice to know that people are reading what I am posting about and are connecting with it. It reminds me that there are so many others like us out there.

I posted something a few days ago that generated a few comments and emails and it got me thinking again how anyone in the world might be a crossdresser. I received emails that from guys that work in factories but are wearing Victoria’s Secret under their work jeans. Human Resource Directors who wear a bra under their three-piece suits. I received emails from executives and manual laborers. It was amazing.

Knowing that there are countless others like us is really comforting. We are not alone.

When I was in high school I worked in fast food. People had no idea that the sixteen year old boy taking their order was wearing panties.

When I was in college I took communication classes. My classmates has no idea I was giving a speech while wearing panties.

When I was in my twenties I managed a bookstore. My co-workers had no idea I was wearing panties.

When I interviewed for the job I had now, I wore panties under my suit.

My point is (besides that I wear panties) is that you don’t really know.

If you feel comfortable in doing so, please comment with who you are and what you wear. Be vague. Be anonymous. Are you wearing red stilettos as you drive your 18-wheeler across the country? Are you in a Zoom meeting in a tie and a miniskirt? I would love to see comments like “I drive for Uber and wear leggings under my jeans” or “I am a CEO and I wear matching bras and panties all the time.”

Love, Hannah

7 thoughts on “You Never Can Tell

  1. Until the pandemic got in the way, when life was, well, more ‘normal’, (whatever ‘normal’ means these days), I would be dressed in lingerie of some sort to help brighten an otherwise mundane day at the office.

    Most of the time, as her sub, what I wore was dictated by my Mistress. Sometimes, she would be specific, other times, more general and, instead, only stating a colour of the garments to be worn.

    It could be a black bra, wide suspender belt, see-through thong and stockings, a black spider basque which covered little, a white cami-suspender body, a white lace set of bralette, belt and thong, a blue halter-neck cami, a green lacy basque or either a red or blue lace basque.

    The basques in particular had a big run of clasps right down the back. When working in the office, I’m rarely up and about, the old cliche of being chained to my desk quite true, but I did move around every now and again, especially to answer a call of nature and often readjust the odd strap or stocking that was no longer co-ordinated, straight or even attached whilst I was there.

    On one occasion, I helped a colleague out and as we parted company, he gratefully patted me on the back with one hand. Although I was wearing a loosely tucked in shirt and a fairly thick and obscuring jumper (such was my method of being discreet and careful), he MUST have been able to have somehow taken note of ‘something’ but perhaps there was some more rational conclusion rather than the fact I was wearing some lingerie.

    What they don’t know, can’t have any effect, and what might be concluded might not be spoken about in case they are wrong and there could be some sort of valid reason for what they felt – a supportive back brace for a bad back perhaps? Clutching at straws? Perhaps!

    I frequently wondered to myself whether it was possible that there was someone else in the fairly large building who was also wearing lingerie under their male attire and concluding that it couldn’t just be me – could it?

    The law of averages might suggest that I wasn’t the only one – so your post is interesting to that extent. Thank you Hannah.

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    1. I agree, a fun and revealing topic. I’m a semi-retired executive after a long career in non-profit, government and academia. Outwardly male, on a daily basis from undergrad to the present, I have worn panties, stockings and occasionally, a cami or shapeware beneath the facade. Other than my wife, no one knew at the time.

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  2. Good morning Hannah😃 I’m a retired AT&T lineman. I’ve been wearing lingerie for many years. Bra,panties and hosiery everyday. Womens jeans as well.

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  3. Hi Hanna – what a fun topic!

    i am a hardcore Materials Scientist, PhD, and work at a big electric car company. I live and went to School in the Peoples Republic of Berkeley (maybe that explains is 🙂

    i like to wear something feminine every day. Not crazy, but something. Usually enFemme cotton underwear and a sports bra (low detectability). About once a month i jazz it up.

    Often, when i get into heavy duty “engineering mode” i kinda of forget i am a cross dresser, but a quick pause and shoulder stretch reminds me of who i am. that feels good

    thanks again for the topic and for you

    -bri in Northern California

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  4. I don’t even have any men’s underwear any more. I generally wear panties and a bra under my clothes. Often, I supplement those with pantyhose and maybe a girdle or one-piece briefer. This makes it take a long time to go to the bathroom, unhooking and hooking the briefer crotch and pulling up the panties, pantyhose, and girdle separately to avoid ruining the pantyhose.

    Often, I wear a thin black bra under a black tank top at the gym. One has to look closely when my arms are up to notice my bra, and it’s exciting to play with the thought of giving myself away.

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  5. Until six months ago, I’d be wearing panties under my guy clothes most of the time while teaching (I’m a college professor)… but now, I teach as Alicia so I wear the whole ensemble… usually a dress or skirt/top (sometimes jeans) and boots, or now that it’s warming up, a cute pair of flats or Mary Janes.

    I still can’t believe that I get to work as my true self now!

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  6. Before retiring I was an executive at a Fortune 500 Company. I wore panties and pantyhose every day. It was always fun giving a presentation knowing that I was up in front of a group and nobody knew I was all girly under my three-piece suit. Since retiring, I still wear panties daily. No guy underwear for me! In the winter I wear a bra and pantyhose daily–under my ladies silky tee shirt and of course my women’s jeans.

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