Yesterday I posted my 1,000th post on this website.

My website host gives me little updates from time to time about hitting subscriber milestones or things along those lines, but I had no idea how many posts I’ve made since I started this site in August 2016.

Part of me was like only 1000?? as I feel I write A LOT but the numbers don’t lie.

So, thank you to everyone who reads this little site. I’ve been touched by many of you and your comments. You make me feel less alone. It’s wonderful to know how similar we all are. With each other, we don’t even have to try to explain this side of us. We just get it.

So, onto the next 1000!

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “1,000?!

  1. Congratulations on sticking to this task!

    Your milestone brings to mind all that you have shared with us in the past six years as those 1000 posts accumulated, your growth and experimentation, as well as the insights you’ve gained along the way. Wtnessing your milestone caused me to reflected on the past six years of my own life, the intentional and unintended changes and experiences.


  2. Thanks Hannah, we all. as in Tgirls need a place to feel at home where we can read about others that are like us.
    I defiantly makes us not feel alone as many I know feel that way, especially if you have never told anyone
    So yes congratulations and thanks

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