Because We Can Can Can

Yesterday was the monthly MN T-Girl s event and it was a very unique outing. The group has had private shopping events and lovely dinners but this month? We had some fun.

Can Can Wonderland is… well, it’s an arcade, a restaurant, and an indoor mini-golf art installation in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

For some reason the girls have asked throughout the years to go mini-golfing and who am I to disagree?

So, about a half-dozen of us spent a rainy Saturday playing pinball and vintage video games. I didn’t get a chance to play any golf but the course looked amazing.

It was a nice break from packing and work stress and I can’t wait to go back!

Love, Hannah

2 thoughts on “Because We Can Can Can

  1. Hannah. I love your dress so does my fiancée we both want one 😁. Looks like such a fun event. Hopefully all the move stress is finally gone.


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  2. Hi Hannah, Like many other of your dedicated readers (fans!) I have been thinking about your current pressure packed time, with house and wardrobe packing, moving, selling one house and buying another, job demands, and the ever present awful state of the world in so many aspects.
    For a moment’s respite, a very brief distraction from all of these things, I offer you, and all of us, this joyous presentation:

    (Tina Turner – Proud Mary (Live from Arnhem, Netherlands)
    (copy the link into your web browser).
    Does Tina Turner not get this so right! We all keep rolling.

    Best, Marissa in Ohio


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