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I have a question/suggestion and a semi-rant. The question/suggestion is that the once LGBT acronym has now evolved to 2SLGBTQIA+. Why can’t we just call our community PRIDE? Simple but powerful and known worldwide. I see communities like the NAACP and AAPI with short and powerful acronyms, why can’t we have that too? So no one is confused on which acronym to use for our community. That will cut down on so much unnecessary confusion and issues. Sorry, that was to supposed to go on like that lol. What is your opinion about that? Now the rant. This may be just because I am in the city and state (Houston,Tx) I am in, but the PRIDE (don’t that just sound so much better?) community members and supposed allies I have come across here do not seem to be into helping me with my journey, not even advice or to answer questions. No help with makeup or clothing questions. All they mainly do is say “just Google it”, or “Go on YouTube to find a video”. I want that personal one on one help. If I wanted to look on the internet I would not have even asked them for their help. SMH, They prefer just to deal with me once I have gotten everything figured out and done enough to hang out. I feel like if you do not want to be a part of my journey, you do not get to benefit from when I am fully glammed up. Full stop. I just wish there were more CDs like yourself in my area that have that “down for the whole journey” mentality. I am on sites like Crossdresser Heaven and TVChix but again most of who I communicate with on there are in different states and even different countries. Sometimes that lack of support really weighs heavy on me and sometimes heavy enough for me to think about stopping and going dormant (BTW, I consider myself a bi-gendered/two-spirit/dual-spirit CD. So I would go dormant but “he” of course will still live on.). So there it is Ms. McKnight. I will welcome anything and all that you have to say about the things I touched on.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay in answering your question. MOST of the time ‘Ask Hannah’ emails are routed to my normal inbox but every once in a while an email will pop into Spam/Junk and I don’t see it until I check those folders.

I totally get where you are coming from. It does seem like the acronym gets longer as time passes but I do feel it’s a good thing. Inclusivity and representation is important and each letter in LGBTQIA+ is for a community. I like seeing the T in there. It makes me feel SEEN.

I also see a benefit when it comes to the non-queer community. If a cis/het person sees the I or the A in LGBTQIA+, they may ask what that letter represents. It’s an opportunity for them to learn about intersexed or asexual/agender people and realize that there are people that identify in ways that are different from themselves.

Also! It may help someone understand THEMSELVES. Someone who doesn’t feel sexual attraction may feel alone but if they see the A they will realize that there are others like THEMSELVES. I can’t speak for everyone but I felt a lot less isolated when I realized that there were others like myself in the world.

Love, Hannah

Update! Here’s an article from a few years ago that offers a really well written perspective on this!

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I like the idea of just saying PRIDE to represent our community. I am a CD and I don’t think we need to add those letters to the acronym, let’s just make it all inclusive.


  2. Just my opinion – FEW people even know what all these letters & 3’s stand for. It seems our community gets added to each month – some form of ” equity ” – as our government calls it.
    So what exactly is ” equity ” – we are ALL – everyone in USA created equal – our constitution and Bill of Rights – like ” the pursuit of happiness ”
    I am not going to get into current USA government issues – this is not the place.
    Lets just say as a country we are so wrongly divided into groups of people – wrong – we are ALL just USA citizens – Americans’ – from all different backgrounds and cultures – and as a nation we need to respect each other – regardless of our personal preferred lifestyles.
    I personally despise all the names we – let’s say people like in this group – are called like – cross dressers / queer / bi sexual etc. – it all sounds like we are deviant of some kind. Even the name PRIDE puts us in a separate population group and most people will think automatically we are all “gay” – which we are not – like we are not normal people – to me negative in our total society. And what today is considered ” normal ” ?
    We are trans gendered – meaning we like the best of two 7 both genders – like we are people who wish to be males or / and females. – and in most cases live a double life as both genders.
    Most of us live good productive lives with family – careers etc. We just happen to like being ” part time females ” – and what is wrong with this ?
    In our ” male to female transformation ” business – we have worked with hundreds of males who are average normal men. Yesterday we did a session with a guy – you cant imagine how happy he was when we transformed him into a beautiful female – took many photos of her – he loked beautiful.
    Lets move on – and look forward to a future time when all people are equal – no groups – no discrimination – equity for everyone – all accepted for who they are – or wish to be.
    We – people like in this group -deserve to be accepted by everyone – and that time WILL come – hopefully in my lifetime.
    How boring our lives would be if we were all the same personalities – lifestyles etc.
    Just my oipinion.
    I finish with total respect for Hannah – a good subject to discuss.


  3. I somewhat agree the overall community could use something fresh.
    While I agree the letters help to represent many I think from my perspective it gets made fun of quite a bit and I don’t see how that can educate folks on this community
    My two cents worth anyway


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