Ask Hannah!

I am new to your blog so pardon my question that may have already been answered. My question is what service do you use for your pictures? Do they do all you make up? Do they supply clothes, or are you on your own for that?

I don’t use a service for my shoots. My photo shoots are very similar to putting together an outfit. Your heels might be from one store, your skirt might be from one designer and your blouse might be from a different brand… but somehow it all comes together.

I have worked with the same photographer for almost six years now and we’ve become really good friends. When I am feeling self-indulgent or when I am asked to review/model an outfit I reach out to her and schedule a shoot.

Similar to my photographer, I get my makeup done by an artist that I have been working with for about two years.

Studios and locations for shoots are almost always found and booked by my photographer. Typically all costs associated with my shoots are paid for by me, whether it’s hiring my photographer, paying for my makeover, or booking a studio.

The outfits I wear for my shoots are either from my own wardrobe or are provided to me for the purposes or writing a review or for modeling… typically for En Femme.

If you are looking for a transformation service in the Twin Cities, I recommend La Femme Mystique. I visited Rebecca a few years ago and had a fabulous time!

Love, Hannah

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