Dress Up Doll

Sometimes I let myself fall down the rabbit hole of what all of THIS is about.

It’s not a path I go down very often anymore. I am who I am and this is what it is.

But sometimes I am reminded a lot of THIS has a lot to do about the clothes, lol.

One of the things I love about this side of us is being able to express ourselves through what we wear. If we’re feeling beautiful we can choose an equally beautiful dress. And! It works the other way as well. If we want to FEEL a certain way we can choose an outfit that helps with that.

I would be naïve if I didn’t acknowledge what some outfits may communicate to some people.

To be clear, there’s nothing a girl wears that makes anything, whether words or actions, permissible.

Some men (and yes, not at all men) think that a girl wearing a tight skirt is “asking for it”. Some men think when a girl is wearing a short dress it means they would love to be hit on.

Of course it is possible that someone is communicating SOMETHING by what they are choosing to wear but no one should ever assume or behave in such a way.

I am also aware that this side of someone is possibly a fetish for them. And! They might be communicating that through what they wear.

What I mean is that for some of us there is a connection between a humiliation kink and wearing a sissy dress. For them there’s nothing more embarrassing than a frilly pink outfit. For others putting on a latex catsuit is akin to wanting to tie their partner up and dominate them. Some of us wear lingerie to tell our partner that we would very much enjoy an intimate encounter with them.

As someone who loves sissy panties, beautiful lingerie, and shiny clothes, and as someone who posts photos of said outfits it’s not uncommon for someone to comment on my attire. And sometimes the comment touches on a potential… “message” in what I am wearing.

What I mean is that if I post a picture like this…

… I’ll get emails and comments like “I wish I could serve you Mistress.”

Of course I am not looking to be served and I don’t want to get requests like these. BUT I know that comments, regardless of the content, comes with the territory. I can’t control what people say but I can control what I respond to.

I’ll get messages from others who like to wear similar styles as I do and sometimes the conversation leads to certain… physical activities that are sometimes associated with a certain look. And that’s where the conversing stops.

I am not into the typical “sissy” lifestyle. I love the look of a frilly pink dress and, I mean, look at these shoes!

…But I have zero interest in BEING a sissy. Does that make sense?

I’ll wear a sissy dress, I’ll post a photo of it… but I am not aroused by it. I am not communicating that I want sex or to be humiliated or anything like that. Same with a leather dress. Yes, I am wearing thigh high boots but I really, really DON’T want someone to lick them. Gross, get way from me, lol.

For some people this is a surprise. I’ll get messages from someone who calls themselves a sissy and seems genuinely surprised that I don’t want to be, well, treated like a sissy. This seems to happen a lot regardless of what I am posting about… whether it’s lingerie or leather or anything else.

It’s in these interactions where I reflect on how much of who I am is really about the clothes. I mean, my gender identity is always there… no matter what I am wearing or how I am presenting. It’s not ONLY about clothes… but I do express (and communicate, I suppose) my gender identity through what I wear.

Hannah is, well, feminine. Obviously. What I mean is that a girl isn’t necessarily feminine in the sense of only wearing dresses or the like. The predominate and prevailing perception of what femininity IS, I mean. If a dress is considered feminine but pants are not, then by that reasoning yes, Hannah is very femme. Hannah wears heels and pink and skirts and makeup. Things that are usually associated with femininity. Of course a feminine person doesn’t HAVE to wear these things to BE feminine but I am referring to what “society” thinks of as feminine.

Does that make sense? I sure hope so because we are moving on, lol.

Every human that was born with a penis (how’s that for a transition sentence??) that likes to wear anything other than trousers or boxer shorts is unique. We wear what we wear for countless reasons. An expression of our gender identity, for comfort, or for a kink. We should never assume anything. If we see a guy wearing a skirt it doesn’t mean he is anything more than a guy wearing a skirt. I mean, it’s very possible there’s more to him than just being a guy wearing a skirt but it’s not our place to make that assumption.

Or to insist our own assumptions.

If a guy paints his nails it doesn’t mean he considers himself a crossdresser or is in denial about his gender identity. He very well could be a guy who paints his nails because he likes to have painted nails.

If I am wearing one of my dresses, be it leather or frilly pink, it doesn’t mean I am a domme or a sissy.

The lifestyle or roles that are commonly associated with such extreme looks are not things I have ANY interest in being a part of… whether in the bedroom or in conversation. I just like to wear a lot of different clothes.

I like dressing up, but THIS side of me isn’t dressing up. I have my gender identity and I express who I am through a lot of different looks… but I am not “communicating” anything.

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Dress Up Doll

  1. Once again you have nailed my feelings to a t. I dress to feel feminine and sexy, Personally I do not like the look of tradional fluffy “sissy” dresses nor the mainstream maid thing. I just love being feminine sometimes it is leggings, heels and a top, sometimes it is leather skiert and thigh high boots. I have never exited my closet so I don’t know where I am headed but for all these years I have been content to explore this side of me alone. I am interested in opening the closet door.
    In any case I really enjoy your writings


  2. My Dear Friend, do you realise that what you have and your life most of ‘us’ males, still in the closet, are so jealous of! I mean that you have all the support from a woman who must love you so much. What you write about here is so real and yes most of us do relate to it very closely. I wish you and your amazing lady all the very best. I too am on the lookout for a woman who wants me as me and this time no crap, she will know up front the real me lingerie and all!
    Thanks again.
    Hugs Amy


  3. The clothes make the experience real and enjoyable. Yesterday, going through the sale emails, I bought a dress, lingerie, a skirt, a body top and a new pair of heels ( open toed with ankle strap ) Can’t wait to wear the outfits, get my nails done, and have a bit of a night out as Bobi ( Love the way I feel when dressed-being recharged! )


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