One thought on “The Hannah!

  1. So Hannah – a short post today. I am sure you know how many guests WAIT each morning for you latest post. One day I hope you come to Tampa and our studios for the most amazing M2F transformation ever. We have Sierra – my wife – the best cosmotologist ever – we have the most incredible female wardrobe you have ever seen, For you Hannah – we can do a no charge session – takes many pictures – and all we asj is for you to post some these photos of you on your site – with perhaps a few words of your experiences here. SO – if you can take a vacation here to sunny Tampa – just let me know. We are currently doing about 3 sessions each week – and booked for months to come. Today a guy – from Denver – just arrived here – Sierra doing his / her make up now. WE are the very best M2F studios in all USA. – Deborah


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