Minnesota House Passes Trans Health Refuge Bill

This is wonderful.

From Minnesota Public Radio:

The Minnesota House of Representatives passed a bill early Friday by a vote of 68-62 that would prevent state courts or officials from complying with child removal requests, extraditions, arrests or subpoenas related to gender-affirming health care that a person receives in Minnesota. 

Physicians who practice gender-affirming care in Minnesota and families who’ve sought it out for their transgender children or teenagers said it would go a long way to ensure that they can continue to access treatment without fear of other states’ laws getting in the way. 

They also said it would send a message to transgender people that they are welcome in Minnesota.

Read more here!

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Minnesota House Passes Trans Health Refuge Bill

  1. I am glad the House acted to help protect the families and providers serving trans kids. One hopes that this can become a trend.


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