A New Voice


I am asked a lot about modifying our voices or speaking habits and the like. I always feel a little inadequate about this topic as I don’t give it tooooo much thought when I am en femme.

I am always grateful when ya’ll point out some helpful resources about anything that can benefit a girl like us and I am especially thrilled to share some videos that a reader sent over.

Take a look at these videos and I am hoping they are helpful!

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “A New Voice

  1. “The Voice Book for Trans and Non-Binary People” is a great resource as well, a lot of speech therapists reference it. Readily available on Amazon. Nevertheless, there is no substitute for a professional therapist, that trained ear is huge in supporting you in the journey.

    I will also add that the quality of your audio equipment is huge. People don’t realize that the voice they hear when they speak is quite different than the voice others here. You’ll want somebody to validate what they hear when you record is what they hear when you speak. Cheap equipment will not work well.


  2. I have used the EVA app for some time now and have found it helpful in feminizing both my speaking and singing voices.


  3. Having arrived at the point that I believe I am ready to commit the time and money on vocal therapy, this is a very timely post. Thank you. Though I believe for my own learning style that I will need an in-person coach, these will give me a good basis for getting started.

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