So. Many. Wardrobe. Changes

Last weekend Shannonlee and I filmed the next videos for En Femme‘s Help Me Hannah series. Each video was more or less about my fave topic: clothes. So, each video required outfit changes that went with whatever I was rambling on and on about.

I tend to exaggerate but if I did my math correctly (and there’s a good chance I didn’t), I wore ten different outfits in about three hours.

As I quickly changed from a bodycon dress to a skirt or into leggings, I couldn’t help but think back to when I was younger and I learned how to change quickly out of girl clothes whenever I heard the garage door open signifying my mom returning from work.

We didn’t have time to do photos properly as we were busy filming and re-filming whenever I forgot to turn my microphone back on. We did manage to find a couple of moments to do some quick pictures with my phone, though.

It was a shame we didn’t have more time as the studio was incredible. I loved the space and I absolutely plan on going back for a proper shoot.

Here’s a few of the outfits I wore and I hope you like them!

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “So. Many. Wardrobe. Changes

  1. Looking back about 10 years when I was reading all the articles you wrote in Enfemme , I just had to email you. I could not clearly understand why I contacted you but I just had to and I was very nervous contacting you . You were very kind and supportive then I asked myself why am I contacting Hannah  , I’m supposed to be against what she is teaching and doing and then it Hit Me , I’m one of them and I Love being one of them ,I Love being in contact with them and being girl friends  with them , the T-girls , I know now it’s in my genes ..


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