Fall 2018

The MN T-Girls had our annual photo shoot in October and you can see the behind the scenes fun here!  We worked with superstar photographer Shannonlee once more and it was an amazing day!

Dark Fairy 1Dark Fairy 5Dark Fairy 2Dark Fairy 3Dark Fairy 4pink skirt 1pink skirt 2pink skirt 3pink skirt 4pink skirt 5pink skirt 6white dress 2white dress 1white dress 3white dress 4white dress 5

Lace Dress 1Lace Dress 2Lace Dress 3Lace Dress 4Lace Dress 5Littlest Black Dress 1Littlest Black Dress 2Littlest Black Dress 3Littlest Black Dress 4Littlest Black Dress 5

Love, Hannah