I’m Dreaming of a White Bodycon Dress

Here’s another set of photos from the recent MN T-Girls recent photo shoot!  I rarely wear white but I found this dress at a thrift store a few months ago and I was thrilled to find out that it fit like a dream.  Hope you like it!

Photography by Shannonlee.

Makeup by Ana at Rita Ambourne.

white dress 1white dress 2white dress 3white dress 4white dress 5


Pleated Pink Skirt!

Here’s another set of photos from the recent MN T-Girls recent photo shoot!  This isn’t an outfit I would normally wear but I stumbled across it on Amazon and thought it was super cute.  Hope you like it!

Photography by Shannonlee.

Makeup by Ana at Rita Ambourne.


pink skirt 1pink skirt 2pink skirt 3pink skirt 4pink skirt 5pink skirt 6

Love, Hannah

Dressing Up and Dressing Down

Sometimes I wonder if it IS all about the clothes, the makeup, the heels.  But it’s not.  It’s about not feeling comfortable being tied to a specific gender for my entire life.  It’s about feeling comfortable as more than one gender presentation.  I feel just as confident in a suit as I do in a little black dress, but for different reasons.  I don’t want to transition because I like being able to choose my gender presentation whenever I feel like it.  As I get older, I also feel more hesitant to use phrases like “always” and “never” when it comes to my opinions about some things.

Of course, there are exceptions.  Like, should you wear open-toe heels with black stockings?  NEVER.

Oscar Wilde wrote “You can never be overdressed or over-educated.”  I agree.  I like to dress and look my best.  When I am out, I know that I am probably overdressed on some level to hit the mall.  But after days of shirts and ties, the sound of heels clicking on the floor in a department store is heaven.


When I was younger I used to dream about certain clothes.  I would page through the Victoria’s Secret catalog and wonder what it would be like to wear a matching bra and panty.  I would see girls wearing formal gowns and I would picture myself in such a beautiful dress.  In my closet I am lucky to have everything from leather to sparkley.

There are still outfits on my wish list but let’s be honest, after a certain number of bodycon and little black dresses, it becomes harder to find a dress that becomes a must-have.

Lately I seem to be drawn to a more casual look.  I have tried this in the past, such as pairing a cute top with a cardigan for example, but as I look through my wardrobe I don’t have a lot of outfits that are perfect for a lazy day of going out for coffee and running errands.


I don’t mind stopping by Starbucks or Target in four inch heels, but when I see girls wearing cute, comfy clothes I start to wonder if I could pull off the leggings/tank top/hoodie look.  I’ve been hesitant to try this in the past as I feel that layering gives me a “bulkier” look, especially my shoulders, than I would like.  I also think that if I am only going to dress up a couple times a month, do I really want to pass up a chance to wear that cute new dress?


Of course, expanding one’s style also feels expanding one’s wardrobe (which is exciting and also expensive).  I have an extensive collection of heels and a perfect dress to match each pair, but I have exactly zero pairs of shoes that would go with a more casual look.

I have a photo shoot next month and I am starting to pick my outfits for it.  I have a few new dresses that I am going to model for certain, but I might slip in something a little more causal as well.

Any suggestions for me?

What look do YOU want to try?

Love, Hannah




Ask Hannah!

Who carries the men’s blue lace shorts lingerie. Wish I could attach photo but they are a bit short and not as loose in the legs as the one on Xdress website, the black ones.

I really have no idea.  I am sure there are many blue lace shorts so I’m sorry that I can’t be more helpful.

If you think about it, this is really an amazing time for those who are non-gender conforming , crossdressers and anyone that loves to wear pretty undies.  You can shop for a variety of options at Xdress, Bodyaware, HommeMystere, Glamour Boutique and whatever else you find by googling “lingerie for men”.

I can’t speak for everyone, but lingerie was definitely my gateway to this wonderful world and ultimately to who I am today.

Love, Hannah

Keep Your Heels High and Your Head Higher

I get a lot of emails from other t-girls who haven’t made the step outside their house yet.  Usually it’s for a few different reasons, but it all seems to come down to them afraid of what other people will think.

This is a perfectly natural thing to wonder and I’ve been there too.  But what helped me leave my living room was that I just… felt ready.  I was so ready to experience the world as Hannah that this feeling became stronger than any fear I had about leaving my home.  I wondered what people would think and then I realized something.

You won’t know what people will think.

Unless, of course, you ask them, I suppose, but what would the point of that be?  I have never felt the need to stop someone at Target, in either gender, and ask them what they thought about me.

Of course, some people will share their opinion without being prompted but in my experience I hear more unprompted compliments than detraction.

But my point is that people are usually too distracted by their own lives (and phones) to notice you or have an opinion.  When I’m out (in either gender) I am too busy thinking about a million different things to think about anyone else.

That’s not to say I am not aware of who I am around for safety reasons, but I pay so little attention to the guy who’s watching me walk through the mall to even speculate as to what he might be thinking.

Remember, it’s not what people say to you, it’s how you react to what they say to you.

Once I walked down the street and one guy said to his friend “dude looks like a lady” when he saw me.  There’s a few different ways I could interpret his comment and it’s possible it wasn’t even an insult.  It may very well have been, but the point is that I don’t know and I’ll never know.  It wasn’t worth my time to stop and ask.

I could have let this ruin my day but I looked too good to let anything get to me.

No.  My first reaction was “well, that’s the point”.

The sidewalk is my catwalk.  My heels are high but I held my head higher.  I rolled my eyes and strutted on.

Love, Hannah


Wig Care: It’s a Must!

I go through about three to four wigs a year.  I like changing up my style, but synthetic wigs also require a lot of care.  Thankfully Corrie Dubay is here to help!

Corrie is a makeup artist extraordinaire and owner of Midwest Makeup Supply and
Femme Makeovers  She is a friend and hero to girls everywhere.  She is beyond talented.
Corrie has a newsletter that she sends out with helpful makeup tips like these and is reprinted here with her permission.  I am certain you’ll find this useful!  You can sign up for her newsletter here.
Love, Hannah

Let’s be honest – I love wigs. They can transform you into an entirely different person. They are super versatile and come in literally every color and cut you can imagine. But!! As we know – over time and lots of use – they can start to get a little rough looking. In today’s newsletter I’ll cover synthetic wig maintenance including how to properly wash and store your wigs.

First, let’s talk about storing our wigs. If you can store your wigs on a canvas block or foam wig head – that is ideal. Storing it on a block or foam head will keep the shape nice and help prevent weird bends or kinks forming in the hair from being jammed into a bag. Wig blocks are made from cork covered in a heavy canvas You can find them here on Amazon for around $30. Foam heads work, too. They just are not as durable and over time you may need to replace them (especially if you are pinning your wigs to them) but they usually are pretty cheap – $4 – $10). In the photo below, the foam head is on the left, the wig block is on the right. I’ve covered my wig block with plastic to protect it from hairspray, color, etc.

If you are unable to store them on wig blocks or foam heads, the next best thing is to keep them in their original packaging. Brush them before putting them in the bag. If your wig came with a little net, put the net back on (it helps keep the hair in place a little better). Carefully put the wig back in it’s box or bag until you’re ready to wear again.

When ready to wear, take out of the bag, give a quick brushing and you should be set to go. If you put the wig in the bag nicely, it should come out looking pretty good. If you jam it in there, you might have some problems. If you do have a weird bend, try spritzing with a little water, that will sometimes help relax the bend. Also – if your wig is wet or sweaty, let it dry before you store it. This is SUPER important. Storing a wet wig can make it really stinky and you’ll for sure want to wash it before you wear it again.

Washing our wigs: You don’t have to wash your wig every time – but it is good to wash every so often. Especially if you sweat a lot or tend to use styling products on it.

Step 1: Brush your wig BEFORE getting it wet. Wet wigs tend to get snarly as we wash them, regardless of how careful we are…and we don’t want to amplify the problem by having a rats nest we haven’t taken care of beforehand.

Step 2: Fill a sink with warm water (not hot, just warm). You can use wig shampoos and conditioners (specially formulated for synthetic wigs – the white bottles came from Sunny’s in Uptown) or the cheap (like dollar store!) shampoo and conditioners work fine, too. Take a cap full or two and dilute the shampoo. Place your wig in the water and gently swish it around for a minute or two. Drain the water and fill again with clean, warm water and two caps of shampoo. Swish again for a minute and soak for about 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, drain water and gently run warm water over wig to rinse. If your wig is REALLY bad, you may want to do two swishings, then the soak.

Step 3: Fill sink with warm water and dilute one to two cap fulls of conditioner. Swish the wig around gently for a minute or two. Drain water and gently rinse with warm water.Step 4: Gently squeeze excess water out of the wig. DO NOT BRUSH!!! I know you’ll be tempted, but don’t. It’ll damage the hair (can stretch it or create frizzy little curls). Lay the wig on towel on a counter or table to dry. Depending on the wig – this may take a day or two. So don’t do this if you need to wear the wig that, or even possibly the next, day. It may not be dry and using a hair dryer is not an option (could melt the fibers and ruin your wig.

Step 5: Once the wig is fully dry – you are free to gently comb/brush out any snarls that formed during washing (there will be a few) and wear again. Most synthetic wigs will bounce back to their original shape/style (for the most part). Sometimes the ends might need a little trimming if they are looking a little frayed but that is the nice thing about synthetic wigs – you don’t have to worry about re-styling them too much. Some synthetic wigs can take a low amount of heat, others will melt if you touch them with an iron. If you do want your wig to have a different style, I’d suggest bringing it to someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in wig styling for help.

A few last pointers – please note the word GENTLE is used often in this newsletter. The more gentle you are and more you baby your wig, the longer life it will have. If you are rough with it and not good about keeping it brushed – you’ll end up with a seriously tangled mess in no time at all. Synthetic wigs tangle easy and need to be brushed before and after each wear.

Also – spraying them with a wig detangler or leave-in conditioner (I picked these up at Sunny’s as well) is also a good habit to get into every time you wear. The conditioners are great for taming flyaways while wearing – you can spray them down prior to wearing. The detanglers aid in brushing out any tangles you might have when you are going to store your wig for the day (just make sure it’s dry before you put into a bag or box).

There you have it!! A quick overview of how to wash and care for your wigs. If you have any additional questions, please let me know!!

Be sure to visit our newly updated website for more info and updated services.

Questions or want to request an appointment? Email me at: makeovers@midwestmakeupsupply.com

Be sure to check www.femmemakeovers.com for more info.

Love, Hannah

A Visit to La Femme Mystique!


I never imagined that I would live in a city with not one, but two gender transformation studios.  In addition to Femme Makeovers, our fine city also has the fabulously Rebecca, owner of La Femme Mystique!  Even more impressive than a city with two gender transformation studios is hearing that Rebecca has been in business for over five years!  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Rebecca and visiting her studio recently.

Rebecca’s studio is in Saint Paul, not far from The Townhouse, arguably one of the safest and most well-known places a t-girl visits.









The La Femme Mystique studio is located in a beautifully refurbished warehouse.  I fell in love with the building and Rebecca’s studio is perfect for makeovers and photos.  I sat down and spoke with Rebecca for a while and we chatted about everything from photography to gender identity to makeup.   Her perspective on what a portrait is and what her goals are when it comes to capturing our femme selves made me realize that she really “gets” it.  Being transgender is not something that a lot of people understand, and it’s not something I always understand myself, so it was refreshing to hear that she understands our goals.  Perhaps she put it best on her website when she wrote that she is “…honored to participate in the journey – whether it’s in a spirit of playfulness and fun, or as part of a deeper exploration of self”.

Rebecca’s studio and makeup kit says that she is ready to transform and capture a t-girl’s inner beauty.



After chatting for a bit, it was time for my makeover.  Needless to say she did an amazing job.  I was very impressed with what she did with my eyeshadow.  After my makeup was done, it was time for my favorite thing in the world…pictures!


Rebecca and I explored the building and took a lot of photos and I cannot wait to see how they turned out.  I’ll share them when they are ready.  😉


It was a unforgettable afternoon and I will definitely be back.  I absolutely recommend visiting Rebecca whether you are visiting the Twin Cities or looking for an incredible makeover and a fun photo session.

Photos soon!

Love, Hannah