National Coming Out Day

tumblr_nd9u1ruc1x1ql159go1_500Today is National Coming Out Day, a day for anyone who …well, needs or wants to come out.  I think for many of us coming out is very difficult.  For many of us, we can’t quite explain who we are, why we are or what we are.  In my life I’ve gone from identifying as a crossdresser to identifying as transgender.  I am not a fan of labels and neither label quite describes who I am, but they come close.

It’s hard to come out to someone when you aren’t exactly sure who you are.  Being who we are is very simple and very complicated at the same time.  Some of us need a lifetime to feel at peace with who we are, to be able tell ourselves who are are.  Telling someone else is almost exhausting.  It’s hard enough for us to understand who we are, but it’s even harder for someone else to understand, or accept us.

I hope you all have someone in your life you can beyourself with, someone you can honest about yourself with.  Ours is a lonely, beautiful life.

Love, Hannah

One thought on “National Coming Out Day

  1. Please leave the lonely part out. Have confidence in yourself, and know, and understand, you are special, and that’s being Trans a gift. Look in the mirror and see a beautiful person, and please learn to LOVE that person. When you accomplish that, just be yourself, and go out and have fun with society. Being in front of thousands each week is fun and you are out there with all being yourself. Do note, other people have their own minds filled with their own things to do, and you are not really a part of their thoughts unless they want you to be. Share with them in a positive way to help them understand, it’s just a Birth Anomaly nothing more. Works for me.


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