Ask Hannah!

You’ve been doing this for a long time and clearly it looks like you’ve become quite confident, but my question to you is, over time has your crossdressing become less exciting or thrilling or fun? Have you come to a point where you’ve committed to going out as Hannah and then you get bummed or stressed because of having made a commitment to be Hannah?

It’s my firm belief that one is always a crossdresser.  We do what we do because it is who we are.  No matter how many times we purge, or promise ourselves…or others that we will never do it again, we almost always do.  Because of this, I think that crossdressing will always be exciting and fun to us.  It’s who we are, but there’s a reason we keep coming back to this.

But I understand your question.  I always want to feel that going out as Hannah is special and fun.  One way I help make that happen is by really limiting how often I dress and go out.  I go out about twice a month which is often enough to satisfy me, but not enough to take away the fun of it.  Limiting the times I dress and go out helps keeps my wife from feeling overwhelmed by who I am, too.  My wife is wonderful and accepting of my femme side, but a large contributor to her acceptance is that I don’t overwhelm her with it and I’ve found a good balance with both sides of who I am.

Love, Hannah

One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Thanks for that posting Hannah. Moderation and control seems key. However, I stopped lingerie crossdressing almost twelve months ago because I couldn’t moderate or control. Each time, it was at the expense of other people and other things whilst I applied my exhibitionalistic tendencies to go on-line. I am now mulling after a blog reply gave me a Eureka moment.

    I cannot use my webcam due to technical issues affecting many at the moment, and a lot of stress at home and work (crossdressing was usually some sort of escape) and therefore concluding that, possibly, I could dress in moderation and with that inability to get on-line, apply control, get my fix and enjoy it without being wracked with guilt Your post therefore comes an a very interesting time for me.

    Many people have said you can’t change the way you are but over the last twelve months, I have been determined to prove them wrong. That doesn’t seem so important now somehow.


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