I’ll Go With You


The hashtag #illgowithyou is a sign of support for the transcommunity.  Lord knows that using the ladies room is one of the most conflicting and difficult things a t-girl will do.  And although it gets easier, it never really gets that much easier.  Every ladies room in every mall, store and restaurant is different.  This issue was also one of the most public fear inducing topics of the year and will likely be a controversial issue for a very long time.

I love seeing support for our community from people and organizations that are not transgender.  My wife sent me a link that shows support for us but also a way that we can identify allies who will go with us, meaning they will visit the ladies room with us in case there’s trouble.  In all the years I’ve been using the ladies room I’ve never had an issue but I doubt things will be safer for us over the next few years.

This might also be a good time to remind everyone of Refugee Restrooms, a website that lists safe restrooms for the transcommunity.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to download their app for when you’re out and about.

Stay safe.  And fabulous.

Love, Hannah



2 thoughts on “I’ll Go With You

  1. A number of years ago after tc pride a number of us stopped atBlack Bear casino and my wife had some problems in the bathroom and needed a change of clothes and I had to go in and out of the rest room to get her a change of clothes. The last time I came out with my wife and was called out by security and my wife. Security was very vocal when I was called out and was told never go into the womens restroom again. I haven’t,I haven’t been back since and will never go to another Indian casino. A few months later my wife was called out by the same security officer and had to present her ID. The officer got the surprise to find that she was a GG. Thanks for listening.


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