MN T-Girls: A Celebration for the MN T-Girls!


The MN T-Girls started in November 2013 and I cannot believe how much time has passed and how many fabulous adventures we’ve had.  We can’t let such an important anniversary pass without a party, so last night we celebrated in style at one of the nicest restaurants in Saint Paul, the wonderful Pazzaluna.

It was a small group, just five of us and it was really nice to put on a little black dress, eat yummy food and talk about…the election.  I know we’ve all had our share of the election right now, but just as the last few years have had an impact on the transgender community, the next few years, and beyond, will likely be the same.  As t-girls we all have concerns and fears and to be be honest, it was really nice to be able to share those same frustrations and encourage each other during such a difficult week.

Of course, we also talked about all the other things t-girls talk about…clothes and make up.  🙂

I was a little…unsure of how the night would go as it was the first time I’ve been out since the election, and with stories against the GLBT community in the news, I was a little apprehensive.  Thankfully it as a wonderful night.  I had more smiles and small talk than I usually do and a very nice group of cis-women stopped by our table and told us how happy she was to see a group like ours.  We all sat and just beamed in her kindness.

I am not sure what the next year in the MN T-Girls will bring or what the next four years in the country will bring, but for one wonderful night, everyone seemed happy to see us.

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “MN T-Girls: A Celebration for the MN T-Girls!

  1. So happy to see the progress so many have made over the years through the MN T-Girls club. Congratulations. A celebration well deserved. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since visiting and the Twin Cities and spending time with amazing people. By the way, Happy Birthday!!

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  2. Hannah,
    Congratulations on the Birthday. Your story shows that while there is a lot of hate out there, so is support. The more people know and experience who we are, the better things will be.


  3. Please do not discount those Conservatives that are crossdressers and or Trans. This is not a Political issue mentally and needs open opportunity to share without the stigmatize ideals, that Trans must belong to LGBT communities politically. The fight for Trans has been going on in all countries for hundreds of years. It truly has nothing to do with American politics. If this is a belief, then it is an excuse to be stifled. KC


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