What it Means to be a Man

1971_grey_dress_600sqWe all know 2016 was a very difficult year when it comes to the deaths of iconic and famous celebrities.  It was a year that not only had a significant number of deaths but also how many were unexpected, starting with David Bowie, then Prince and most recently George Michael.  Even if you didn’t care for their music, I’m sure most of us were struck by the gender fluidity and androgynous looks they presented.  These days a male pop star wearing a dress might not be that big of a deal, but in the early 70’s it was almost scandalous.   Prince was…well, growing up in Minneapolis in the 80’s, Prince was 58e601dd97d3d67c11eb083f057f45a4everything.  It was really fun having one of the biggest pop stars of the era living in our city, especially someone as, well, fabulous as Prince in our midwestern city.  I remember seeing him when I was younger and was blown away by him…I didn’t care for his music at the time but here was a man wearing make up.  He wasn’t in drag, he just…wore it.  My whole little world changed at the thought of wearing eyeliner.  These days I suppose it’s commonly referred to as being agender or gender fluid but at the time it really had an impact on me.  George Michael was one of the first celebrities I remember as coming out as gay when I was growing up.  I think all three of these musicians really shaped and changed what it meant to be a man for me.

My father was a very typical man of the time…dominating, loud, angry and very mean.  To children, their father sets the standards of what a man is “supposed” to be.  To see these musicians at a young, impressionable time was nothing less than life changing.  Perhaps life affirming might be a better phrase because all of a sudden I didn’t “have” to be anything.  There were others besides myself that didn’t want to be what a man was “supposed” to be.

NPR has an interesting article about these artists and how they redefined gender roles and it’s really worth a read.

Love, Hannah

One thought on “What it Means to be a Man

  1. The pop world seems a little less bright without them. All of them, as you say, had a big impact on music, but also to pop culture and society too.

    The catch is, that looking from where we are now, I think it’s tough to truly remember what it must have taken for those men to reject the established rules and do their own thing. That is, if I may say, an impressive legacy and fair play to them.

    Happy new year, BTW. 🙂


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