This or That

As someone who doesn’t *really* believe in gender, I sure think about it a lot.  I think about the social expectations and societal norms and traditional roles that are all connected with gender.  I believe that gender is a personal choice and you have the right to identify as different genders throughout your life and even throughout the day. That might make it hard to keep track of someone else’s gender, but really, why are you keeping track of someone else’s gender anyway?  Does it matter how they identify?

Growing up, I was happy being a boy and I still am.  I never wanted to be a different gender permanently.  I wanted to freedom to change into any gender that I wanted, whenever I wanted.  I have that now.  I’m everything I wanted to be.  Things that people traditionally associate with gender, such as clothes and colors, feelings and perspectives are still pretty far solid.  You are either THIS or you are THAT and that’s end of the discussion.

The idea and identity of being agender, non-conforming, gender-fluid, non-binary or simply a third gender is becoming more recognized and understood and accepted.  As someone who identifies as boy OR girl, the concept and identification of a third gender, or no gender, is fascinating to me, and ultimately helpful to the transcommunity.  I think anything that challenges the traditional perspective of gender is a good thing.  Anything and anyone that breaks out of the ‘boy’ OR ‘girl’ mold does help break down gender stereotypes.  Perhaps it makes it easier or others to understand that gender can change, it can be fluid and it’s not permanent.

Wishful thinking.  🙂

At any rate, I wanted to share a couple articles about non-binary people.  The first article is from Buzzfeed and is written by someone who identifies as gender non-conforming.  The other is from Vox about a photographer who takes pictures of transgender and non-binary kids.

Love, Hannah


One thought on “This or That

  1. Love this Article totally made me feel inside and outside too -enjoy both worlds and show days feel powerful women


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