Makeup Lessons with Sephora!


From GayStarNews

Beauty retail giant Sephora will offer specialized makeup classes to trans and non-binary people.

Called ‘Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community’, the classes begin next month as part of Sephora’s Classes for Confidence program. The program’s aim is ‘to help inspire fearlessness in those facing major life transitions’.

Sephora’s official Beauty Advisors with specialized knowledge about the trans community will run the classes. Trans employees at Sephora helped created the workshops’ content.

I think this is a fabulous (and long overdue) idea.  I hope more business become more outspoken of their support for the transcommunity and realize that we just want to find businesses that are welcoming to us.

The MN T-Girls have had a few private makeup lessons and events, most recently at Midwest Makeup Supply and they’ve always been helpful.  If you can attend one of these workshops I highly recommend it.

Love, Hannah


6 thoughts on “Makeup Lessons with Sephora!

  1. To register for the class you can go directly to the Sephora site. Check under “Stores & Services”, and then “In-store Beauty Classes”. Scroll down to the class and click enroll.

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  2. I called the store in Naperville, IL and inquired if any Chicagoland stores were offering these services. The CSR stated not yet but keeping watching for an announcement. When I inquired further of the local stores services, she indicated I could make a appointment for skin consulation, 45 minutes, with makeup if I would like. She was very upbeat and helpful. My wife is going to accompany me on my first visit. Yeah!

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