Ask Hannah!

I have been a lifelong crossdresser but struggle with makeup. Especially around my eyes. Do you have any suggestions? How did you learn? Are there any businesses to teach makeup to crossdressers?

Eyes are tricky!  I can do my foundation and lips just fine, but even after all this I still can’t do anything more just a simple look with eyeshadow and eyeliner.  When I want something really AMAZING or DRAMATIC (and I always do, lol) I book a makeover. 


Have you tried makeup tutorials on Youtube?  Some of them can be very helpful, especially the drag videos.  I know not everyone is going for the drag look but some drag artists are amazingly talented when it comes to some of the challenges a girl like us faces (no pun intended) such as contouring and working with a more masculine facial structure.  

A few years ago I had a private makeup lesson and I found it super super helpful.  I learned about techniques and products that were best for my eye shape and my skin type.  A lot of salons do indeed do makeup lessons.  Look into options with Ulta, MAC, and SephoraSephora even offers classes for girls like us.  Unfortunately some of their locations have hit pause on makeovers due to COVID so keep that in mind.  

One thing I will never get the hang of is false eyelashes (a MUST) but this should be helpful.

Have fun and good luck!

Love, Hannah

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5 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. I found MAC Studios to be very helpful with teaching me about the basics with my facial area and contouring it was free. I’m going back to do the eyes soon. But after that it’s practice lots of practice.


  2. I will also add in, I’m glad it’s not just me 😊 I found online videos helpful as well. Remember the KISS model. Keep it simple stupid 😂. I tell myself that every time. I found just working the crease and then a color above for a simple look was a good place to start. Eyelashes take lots of practice. Don’t overdue the eyebrows. A very good quality mascara is key. And I use a very good quality eyeliner I picked up at Sephora. That’s the one that gets me. Makes me tear and then eyeliner is washed out before it sets. Just along eyelash liner to highlight eyes without the wings etc. I can’t do wings well without looking drag 😀


  3. WOW! Nobody has mentioned magnetic false eyelashes here. I used Ardell glue on lashes for years and struggled at first but eventually worked out a process that was workable. Then last year a friend raved about her new Moxie magnetic lashes and suggested i give them a try. I did and now save a ton of time getting ready because you can adjust the lash if you don’t get it right the first time. You can even remove them and reposition without screwing things up. I do my magnetic liner first then lashes followed by eye shadow and the rest of my eyes. Then I clean any loose shadow off my cheek bones before applying foundation. Here is a link to the Amazon site (Arishine Magnetic Lashes)

    Good Luck,



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