Imagining a Better Boyhood


Please read this wonderfully written article from The Atlantic titled “Imagining a Better Boyhood”.  This should be a familiar story to many of us that grew up wanting to wear dresses.

Who we are starts at a young age.  This is likely not something the boy in this article will outgrow.

This section had a profound impact on me:

“Boys can like beautiful things, too!”

But they can’t. Not without someone looking askance. To embrace anything feminine, if you’re not biologically female, causes discomfort and confusion, because throughout most of history and in most parts of the world, being a woman has been a disadvantage. Why would a boy, born into all the power of maleness, reach outside his privileged domain?

Read it.

Love, Hannah

One thought on “Imagining a Better Boyhood

  1. Hannah, What an extraordinary article. I cried as I read it.
    We do so much damage not only to males by enforcing bruising dumb masculinity, but to women who then are treated as the lesser sex.
    Thank you for your post. And keep being beautiful. You make the world a little better because of it.

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